2gether The Series Most Memorable Songs!

Whenever I watched any BL series I always linked the series with their soundtrack. It's like 5 years ago when I first watched SOTUS, I was so crazy with the OST, downloaded 'em and play 'em like crazy on my iPhone. 2gether was no different and I think this is one of the series that has the best soundtrack ever! Every songs really fit the scene very well especially when Sarawat sing Scrubb's songs.

1) Close (from Episode 3)

Ah, this is the first song Sarawat ever sing to Tine and it cemented vividly into my memory. Tine was in need of a guitar because the club's guitar he got hurt his fingers so much. So Sarawat slyly offered his guitar but Tine need to come to his room to get it. Then Sarawat lied to him that the guitar need to be tuned first in order to keep Tine staying longer in his room. Tine requested Sarawat to play Scrubb's song. The when Tine is getting bored, Sarawat started playing this song and I melted away! This song depicted clearly Sarawat's feeling at that time, a glimpse of how it all started, Tine was so close to him, the only person allowed to come to his room, and he poured his heart singing this song, secretly for Tine and Tine was already falling a little bit for Sarawat haha! It's like only both of them exist in their own world at that very moment.

(start at 8:00)

2) Everything (from Episode 4)

Right after Sarawat sang the song "Close" to Tine, during the music festival, Sarawat shared his earphone with Tine listening to "Everything"! Tine missed out listening Sarawat playing guitar for the song during the festival due to chasing after Pear. Tine even requested Sarawat to play the song and Sarawat begged his group for that. Earlier before that Sarawat was pissed off with Tine because Tine's request was actually for Pear. This song was saying "It doesn't matter who you like, just look at me, that's all it takes to make me happy. I don't care who you like, it doesn't matter what the reality is, all I know is that you are the one in my heart" Awww.... Reminded Sarawat of what Tine said previously, "If you listen to Scrubb's songs when you are happy, you will be even happier. If you listen when you are in love, you will be more deeply in love". I get it now. My heart! (Sarawat also sang this song to Tine in the club in episode 6, and Tine got jealous after that!) I would absolutely rank this song at the first place among all their songs!

(start at 7:07)

3)  Click (from Episode 5)

I like the shirt Sarawat is wearing when he sang this song! He & Tine were getting closer at this moment, even going out with their friends getting drunk. So this song is saying that Sarawat is so grateful to spend time with Tine and he's fishing for Tine's feeling as well (Tine's singing is a little off-key due to being drunk though haha) They had a little chat after that and the boom, comes Sarawat's confession with the next verse of the song! "Do you remember when I said I had something to tell you? This is what I want to tell you" "I've never seen anyone who is not too left, not too right, not too perfect. You are not pessimistic or demanding but something about you is so special. I've never seen anyone who is not too fast, not too slow, not too little but something in you is better than anyone. We just click, you are just enough for my heart" My heart! Aww, this song really mirrored the perfect couple, not too much, not too less. The staring between them. Sarawat was about to tell Tine that he likes him but Frong distracted the couple haha.

(start at 1:09)

4) This Person (from Episode 5)

Episode 5 gives us 2 memorable songs! This time Sarawat was so drunk after finding out Tine has been hanging out with Pear in the music club room. Tine wants to give his jersey back then record music video for their assignment. So he was saying that "Meet me before it's too late. If you think I am the one, do not keep that thought to yourself. If you don't make a move, who would know. It's not easy to finally meet each other, what you've been looking for might slip through your fingers. Maybe you are the one that I've been waiting for, the thing that is missing. It might be this person, the one right in front of me, the one who fulfills my day from now on. The world that used to be empty is not the same anymore.only if you want to know" He sounds desperate as he was about to lose Tine. Then Tine dropped th ebomb saying he's going after Pear and then....came the legendary first kiss! That Sarawat's jealous face awww my heart! "You are reserved, don't ever hit on anyone!" Kon nee! He also sang this song to flirt with Tine at the beginning of episode 8.

(start at 5:47)

5) Your Smile (from Episode 11)

After awhile, we didn't get much memorable songs, until Episode 11! Tine has been suspicious about a video he found in Sarawat's video since the last episode then he got lost in the forest and Sarawat found him. They sheltered in a bus and Sarawat showed him this music video he made when he first met Tine! And after that we finally got to see some flashback scenes from Sarawat's POV! Long time crush and finally met! Awww my heart!

(start at 3:45)

6) Together (from Episode 1)

And finally the song that made Tine and Sarawat met again during the orientation music concert! Tine said this is his favourite song. Also gonna appeared for one last time in the final episode while Tine reminiscing all the past memories with Sarawat!

(start at 0:13)


7) Deep (from Episode 6)

Not my favourite song but this scene does have memorable flashbacks for the couple. And the revelation of how Sarawat first met Tine! The song was catchy though. Luek luek. 

(start at 2:52)

8) For You (from Episode 8)

This song is when Tine was comforting Sarawat after losing the match that he bet with Tine's friends in order to go out with Tine. Then Tine said “Lets not count this match" Awww... I don't really remember this song though. The black and white jersey, sharing earphone moment captured on the cover of the novel and the series as well!

(start at 4:24)

9) Ask/ Only You (from Episode 9)

Tine's singing is non-memorable haha but this scene is cute because Sarawat, although he is injured, still coming to give support to Tine. And the public proposal!

(start at 5:04)

10) Stuck on You (opening credit)

Opening song by Max Jenmana!

11) Kan Goo (ending credit)

The song by our very own Bright Vachirawit!

The Sims 4 All Packs Ranked!

I finally got the chance to really throw myself into playing The Sims 4 after a month of lock down period! I was once addicted to the first The Sims, and only played once or twice both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 due to other stuff. My most favorite features in The Sims 4 are the aspirations, achievements, collectibles.


These are the packs that I consedered essentials, must-have for every Sim 4 owners.

1) Seasons (Expansion Pack - June 2018)

Now this is a must-have expansion for all The Sims 4 fans! The best feature it introduces is the calendar game mechanic into the user interface, with weather and seasons systems that let you feel the passage of time. I didn't really play The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 so I didn't get to explore their Seasons expansion, but wow, I couldn't live without this expansion! It really completes the game! This should be the first expansion, or integrated into the next game, if The Sims 5 comes out later. I really enjoyed the holidays: Love Day, Harvestfest, Winterfest and New Year's Eve and you can even create your own holiday like Easter and Halloween! I also love the gardening aspect from this expansion, there's many types of plants that will bloom in certain season.

2) City Living (Expansion Pack - November 2016)

City Living complements Seasons expansion very well. Like the holidays in Seasons, I really enjoyed the festivals: Flea Market, Spice Festival, Romance Festival, Humor and Hijinks Festival and Geekcon happening around the city, San Myshuno. I especially like the Flea Market because it has vendors that sell collectibles to complete your collection! I love that while playing the game, I receive notifications of the ongoing events that make me feel things are going on in the background. There was always something going on in the neighborhood and it made the game feel alive. Events continued to happen. It takes elements from The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 3: Late Night.


These packs depend on your personal preference, whether you want an expansion that add new active careers (actor in Get Famous) or new life stat for sims (vampire in Vampires, spellcaster in Realms of Magic)

3) Get Famous (Expansion Pack - November 2018)

Get Famous added a new item on public image and fame points you can accumulate and spend to unlock fame perks. Becoming actor is one of my most favorite active career, first introduce in the first Sims! The acting gigs is enjoyable, it's not a day-to-day work, more like freelancing and you can audition anytime you time. So you can hire an agency and the agency will look out for auditions, but you don't have to go with you don't want. Del Sol Valley is a great Beverly Hills-like world too. It takes elements from The Sims: Superstar,The Sims 3: Late Night and The Sims 3: Showtime.

4) Realms of Magic (Game Pack - September 2019)

The Sims: Makin' Magic is one of my most favorite expansion in the first Sims. I love unlocking all the spells and potions! There's a special interface for spellbook and spellcaster perks! Spellcaster is one of the occult life state, so unlike the first Sims, you have to become spellcaster to enjoy this expansion. You can also send your pet to forage for magic items!


5)Vampires (Game Pack - January 2017)

Like Realms of Magic, Vampires introduce a new occult life state and has a special interface for vampire powers! I haven't explore this life state much yet.

6) Dine Out (Game Pack - June 2016)

Among the businesses that first introduced in Get To Work expansion, owning a restaurant is my most favourite. Others are retail store and vet clinic.

BL Updates 1st Quarter of 2020

So much time during the lockdown period to watch so many BL series I've been wanting to watch! Currently there are 4 BL series for the 1st quarter of 2020 and here is how I ranked them:

1) 2gether

This is absolutely the clear winner between the 4 series. I watched every episode when it is premiered on GMMTV youtube channel. And I rewatch the episode again right after it finished. While waiting for the next episode on Friday, I rewatched the whole existing episodes, listening to all the songs played in the series (Currently a Scrubb fan even though I don't understand Thai lol!), inspired to learn how to play guitar (Takamine brand!), followed their IGs (even the sarawatlism bot account), even reading the translated novel! Every episodes were crafted and flows beautifully (with only few scenes that I don't really like eg. the phone shop scene, the Scrubb - Deep concert scene too long for my taste) and every scenes invited so much reactions! Great casting!

2) My Engineer

I've been following Cooper since My Bromance so this series is no brainer for me. The series does lack some nice flow compared to 2gether, some scenes were too overcrowded with too many actors & actresses, and could have been handled more beautifully like 2gether. I heard the actors have been recasted 3 times, luckily it's not Saint & Kao. I just hate Saint.

3) Why R U

Eugh I don't like Saint since Love By Chance but the other casts are not bad. I find that Tutor-Fighter scenes are too much especially it took 2 episodes (Ep 9 and 10) to show their intimacy during their trip to the beach and felt too cheesy without any progress in the storyline. The storyline and the soundtrack are kinda good too. Too many unnecessary couples convoluting the plots. Couldn't wait to finish the Saifah-Zon story.

4) En Of Love

The casting for TOSSARA are so bad I wonder how they get in the first place. And the couple getting along too quick as well and the chemistry felt forced. So many awkward acting. I couldn't stand this series but at least it fill some empty time in between other series. But the Love Mechanics couple redeemed this series back as their relationship felt more natural although abruptly ending due to the ongoing pandemic. Couldn't wait for the final pair in This is Love Story!

My Top 20 Best BL Series

My Top 20 Best BL Series

1) 2gether (2020)

This is love at first sight! First episode just aired in the final week of February and I'm sold! The main premise is a little bit like Lovesick, Tine looking for a fake boyfriend to dispel another tootsie who stalk him and he found Sarawat! (ig: bbrightvc) Update 9/3: After just 2/3 episodes, this series has automatically jumped into the top spot! I kept repeating watching the first few episodes while waiting for the next ep. Best crush after SOTUS! Similar to SOTUS, this series doesn't need too much skinship like TharnType or Together With Me because it has strong storyline and plots, reminiscing our university years! What make this series so good is that it combined all the formula that made BL series a success and packaged it in a wholesome experience: fake boyfriend plot (from LoveSick), guitar (LoveSick, again, My Engineer & Why R U also has it), a lil bit of engineering (SOTUS, My Engineer, En Of Love) and all those girlfriend/ boyfriend jealousy.

2) Sotus (2016)

Most celebrated BL couple. Kongpob-Arthit. From senior-junior to lovers. SOTUS (Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) system. This is the first BL that I watched back in 2016. I like Arthit character, senior with bad boy vibe. I like M too even though he's a side character. The story continues in SOTUS S then Our Skyy Episode 5! I think I watched this series repeatedly like more than 10 times!

Image result for sotus

3) TharnType (2019)

Tharn-Type. Tum-Tar. The latest and hottest series from Thailand! I like Type more than Tharn since he's more straightforward with his feeling. Most believable BL couple, onscreen or real life. It's just that I only watched this series once and done, no desire to repeat.

Image result for tharntype

4) Until We Meet Again (2019)

Pharm-Dean. In-Korn. One of the saddest BL series TT I cried watching every episode! The story is so relatable. Both couples, the past and present are adorbs. Win and Team are adorbs too! The ending is a bit anticlimax though. Will watch this series again for the tear-jerking scenes!

Image result for until we meet again series

5) Dark Blue Kiss (2019)

After Waterboyy, another series with Newwie as the main character! Kiss Me Again (2018) and Dark Blue Kiss (2019) and Kiss: The Series (2016) and OurSkyy (2018). The 2 main couple are so adorable, PeteKao and SunMork! I really, really love the opening theme! Third power couple after SOTUS and Theory of Love! Story continues in OurSkyy Episode 4! And have I said that I so loving the opening scene? If there's an award for best opening credit, this would be it.

PeteKao "Kiss Me Again Compilation No.1
PeteKao "Kiss Me Again Compilation No.2
PeteKao "Kiss Me Again Compilation No.3

6) Love Sick (2014)

One of the first BL series from Thailand! From faking it to making it. Noh-Phun. 48 episodes in total! Second BL I watched after SOTUS. I like Noh, he has that innocent look and still figuring out his own life.Yuri and Jeed characters have sad storyline. Prefer Earn over Phun but at least he got Pete! Season 2.5 in 3 episodes of Reminders: Because I Miss You, with additional cast from Love By Chance: Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3. A more mature look for Noh! Hope they stay together for Season 3 coming this 2020! Since there's so many episodes in the series, I've made the compilation which can be watched here:

Season 1 Ep 1-12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuqC_... Season 2 Ep 1-9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrrl6... Season 2 Ep 10-18: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0GMK... Season 2 Ep 19-28: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj6Od... Season 2 Ep 29-36: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyK3U...

Image result for love sick series

7) 2Moons (2017)

Wayo-Phana. Ming-Kit. Forth-Beam! Hiding love from each other. Before Sarawat, P'Phana played by Godt is like the most talked about person in the series. I just couldn't finish the follow-up series 2Moons2 because the main couple are just not matching.

Update 28/3: Since it is still in quarantine period and I've finished other BL series to watch plus 2gether has just finished, I finally got the time to watch 2Moons2. I continue from where I left the series before, in the middle of Episode 1, and I finally can accept the new cast. The original Phana-Wayo couple is obviously cuter but the current one is acceptable to a degree and their chemistry is quite good too. Ming-Kit couple in 2Moons2 is adorable like the 1st series, or probably better. I like Forth-Beam couple in the first series, but 2Moons2 Forth-Beam is OK, although I still have some reservation with the 2Moons2's Beam as a main character.

2Moons2 started to differentiate itself from the first series during the 4th episode, which is after Wayo won lots of awards during the Moon & Star of the university competition, while Ming won the main award. We gotta see more of the other 2 couples in the series, and how Phana-Wayo got through lots of challenges in their relationship. Couldn't wait for 2Moons3 which will be aired in 2021!

Image result for 2moons

8) Together With Me (2018)

Korn-Knock! This is another series that has the most episodes like Love Sick, 39 altogether! They started in Bad Romance (2016) then they get their own series in Together With Me (2018) and Together With Me: The Next Chapter (2019). I just watched this recently during the Movement Control Order period, starting with TWM (because it's a prequel), then BR, then TWM:TNC. Their chemistry onscreen is so believable. Yiwha, who was the lead character in the first series is the most interesting female character in all BL series I've ever watched. 

9) My Engineer (2020)

From what I heard, this is the most troubled production in the beginning. The casts have been recasting several times. Glad that Cooper Pappasit made it as the lead. Had it been released before or after 2gether the series, this series would absolutely rule the BL world!

10) Make It Right (2016)

Another school boys series similar to LoveSick. Fuse-Tee. From friends to lovers. I love the songs in this series.

Image result for make it right series

11) Cause You're My Boy (2018)

Frank-Drake. Watching this series after 2gether. There's some good stuff in the series but it suffers from poor continuity between scenes, blame it on poor direction of the series. Cute couple though. And they starred as another couple in 2gether!

12) Love By Chance (2018)

Ae-Pete. Overshadowed by the popularity of TharnType. Sequel is coming out this year! I like Ae and don't really prefer Pete, because his character is too soft. Second couple Can and Tin is adorable too. More development with Tum and Tar storyline. A little bit of Kengkla and Techno.

Image result for love by chance

13) Waterboyy (2017)

Wai-Apo. Newwie as main character after Sotus! Introducing Earth! Only watched this once, there's not much loving scene in the series as I recalled and the relationship between the main couple doesn't really develop until the last few episodes.

Image result for waterboyy

14) My Bromance (2016)

Golf-Bank. From the movie to TV! I only watched this once and the plot is similar to the movie but this is how I met Copper for the first time.

Image result for my bromance

15) Theory of Love (2019)

Third-Khai. High quality production. How best friends become lovers. Famous couple from Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey. Second power couple! The Couple also featured in OurSkyy Episode 1!

Image result for theory of love

16) He's Coming To Me (2019)

Latest BL putting together Singto from SOTUS and Ohm from Make It Right! It's different than other BL series because it's between human and ghost and there's a lil bit detective works going on so worth watching.

17) What The Duck (2018)

Watched the first few eps of this series 2 years ago but wasn't into the main couple. Then I learned that Mew was in this series too so I rewatch it again till finish. Mew's presence is what make this series watchable. The ending in the sequel Final Call was quite surprising, unlike other BL series although feels a bit unfinished. I ship Pree-Pop more that Oat-Pop.

18) The Best Twins (2019)

Rare performance from Pak Narapat after his movies Love's Coming (2014) and Love Love You (2015). Mild Suttinut nailed it as the shy character Tee. He's quite good in TharnType too.

19) Why R U? (2020)

Not really liking it at first sight but been watching it to fill my time. Saint is absolutely not my favorite actor. I don't favor the other line-ups as well except Zon and P'Fighter. The ending is so repetitive and the whole 2-3 last episodes only shown skinship between the couples without any progress on the storyline.

20) En Of Love (2020)

It's very early to rate and rank this series since there are 3 parts in the series with the first one, TOSSARA was just completed this week with 4 episodes. So far, I don't really like the pairing in the first part, and the storyline is very much the same like other BL series. But the Love Mechanics couple redeemed this series back to my favourite list. Waiting for the 3rd part that is This is Love Story.


21) My Dear Loser (2017)

Not totally BL series but you can watch the BL cut scenes here: My Dear Loser BL Cuts. Cute couple of In and Sun, and extended to OurSkyy anthology.

22) Great Men Academy (2019)

Not sure if this can't be considered as a BL series or not but the production is of high quality comparable to Korean or Japanese drama series. Superb acting from James Teeradon! And unlike other BL series, it has some fantasy and sci-fi elements in it, with unicorns and VR as such.

23) The Effect (2019)

Only 3 episodes and not a normal BL love story. More hardcore compared to Until We Meet Again suicide scene and TharnType rape scene.

24) YYY (2020)

Well this new series trying to be funny but I found some scenes in My Engineer is much more funnier. However I do find this series adorable probably because there's Lay Talay in it (King in My Engineer). Good filler while waiting for other BL series.

YYY (2020) - MyDramaList

25) 2Wish (2019)

2019 is the most productive year for BL. There's only 2 episodes in this series: Ep 1 and Ep 2. Basically a love letter for those who love the pairing of Mean and Plan in Love By Chance the series.

1. Watched the first few eps of Thank God It's Friday but it's a lame recreation of Love Sick so gonna pass it.
2. Yet to watch My Dream etc. Do recommend other series that I should watch as well!

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