Life: May 06 Update Patch

Dah lama tak on9.. So nak update jap...

I'm crazy all over again in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with expansion Tribunal and Bloodmoon! I'm currently a Khajiit (cat-people) specialized in Combat on Level 12 with major minor skills of Security, Sneak, Speechcraft, Athletics, Acrobatics, Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Armorer, Restoration, Conjuration. I've been to all the western regions: Ascadian Isles, West Gash, Bitter Coast as far as Khuul, Gnisis, AldRuhn, Caldera, Balmora, Pelagiad, Seyda Neen, Gnaar Mok, Hla Oad, Vivec. I'm on the last Pilmigrage to Seven Shrine: searching for Puzzle Canal shrine is very hard work.. maybe i should really use the Almsivi Intervention Scroll Spell. I'm so into art of persuasion to increase my Speechcraft by admiring people! And I have just another kewlest long sword, a Daedric Blade (40000 gp! very expensive) and hard-mashing weapon! After this I'm going to Suran and Tel Aruhn for some quests! I have to finish the first Morrowind story then go on with Tribunal (at Mournhould of Sotha Sil) and Bloodmoon (Solstheim near Khuul)

Yeah, it's June and I haven't find any jobs or apply... Maybe I'll try RTM, RTB or Media Prima's TV3, NTV7, TV9... Astro? Hurm...

Currently, I'm so into Good Charlotte - The World Is Black (check the clip!) and Kimberly Locke - 8th World Wonder... And I'm all over TV series again... Currently into Spain's La Mujer En El Espejo (tol ke eja?) - Cinderella story Maritza Ferrer ~ Juliana, Korean's Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy: a story of schoolboy loved his teacher who once a schoolgirl love her teacher too! Cambesh bunyi kan! Chinese's Point of No Return: a story of rich and poor people... And also Condor Hero... Omputeh cam biasa: Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Simple Life... As usual... mostly 8TV... Melayu: hurm... nope... except the upcoming gol dan gincu series!

Nope, I'm single... I'm sucks and hopeless in loving people... To love or to be loved...

Other than that, aku rajin cilok blog orang sekarang especially from Laila dan Achtung... Tapi minta izin la... Besh apa... Share2 kan...

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