Life: August 06 Update

It's August update... So, let's get on with it.

Yeah, I still haven't get any job. As a matter of fact, I haven't apply any yet. Yeah, the speech was true, it's hard to start something new, especially when it's about difficult and important decision. Well, blah!

Games. Yeah, after RPG mania for quite sometimes, I'm now more into strategy games. Maybe because it has longer longevity. I've been trying Galactic Civilizations and installed back Simcity 4. I also downloaded lots of Reflexive Arcade games. Fish Tycoon was fun. And Virtual Villagers too. I also have fun playing Master of Defense. It is so simple, place the defense towers at strategic locations and upgrade. Make sure you have enough civilians survived after each raids, and collecting money and experience points to distribute in skills.. And i haven't figured out how to really master the Astral Masters game. Other than that, I've been playing Lego Builder Bots, Mirror Magic, Mystery Case and Mystic Inn to death. And that haven't counting the other games i've tried... And i really want to play Civilizations, the much-hyped turn-based strategy game.

Television? Not so much. I've missed lots of Desperate Housewives. But I always make sure I'll never miss any episodes of Gol dan Gincu. Alas, one malay tv series that i watch... Korean? Hurm, not anymore, just watching a lil bit Only You... Then, Thailand's The Twins... and Spain's La Mujer En El Espejo still my favourite. Seriously in love with it, with the beautiful Maritza Ferrer and her ugly duckling persona, Juliana Soler. I really hate Marcos Mutti. Chinese... nothing gets my attention.

Love? I hate this game called DATING game. why can't just you make it easier to me?
Songs? Linda "Jika Kau Kekasih", Agnes Monica "Tiada Logika", Farawahida "Tanpamu" and Teriyaki Boyz "The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift OST".

Aiyoo... Setelah aku mengamati isi kandungan blog entries yang terkini... kesemuanya tentang aku yang baru konvo...bagai nak rak canang satu dunia... ahaks! Camtuh ler gembiranyer setelah melalui kehidupan student! Rock!

Stay tune to find more about my singledom status!

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