Life: i'm dying inside

i lonely...
i hopeless...
i life is worthless...
i life is empty...
i don't know what to do with my life
i can see my future and it's so dark
if only...i was borned filthy rich
if only...i have look that kills
if mind is not this complicated
am i a sinner?

Life: 2006 Final Note

2007 would certainly be the most awaited year in my life. I've finally graduated from the long, dreaded student years. I'm now a free man (as if), like Gordon Freeman in Half-Life of City 17! Gaming is still my top priority. Right now I'm listening to Panic! at the Disco album. Go buy the album. Well, i kinda leave this Friendster life when i found my new-love (Myspace, lol!) although it has been my first truly virtual page, the second one is my Yahoo site for a university assignment (yuck!). But i guess everyone shoud go back to their own root, especially the year 2007 is coming!

Some of the upcoming biggest events in my life are (1) I'm a post-graduate and looking for a suitable job (anywhere in Peninsular or Borneo) (2) Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, the seventh book in the series and also served as the finale is also due this year (3) I'm getting married... (just kidding, you silly! I don't even have a wife-wannabe girlfriend yet, lol, lol!) Yeah, but this year sure be my biggest moment in my whole life, I'm sure is. And there will be some surprises waiting for me! Toast for 2007!