Life: 2007 Half-year Life Review

First of all, let the big breaking news come out, I finally owned a second blog! It's on But it still a newborn, so don't expect much from it. Maybe I'm going to shift all my Myspace blog's materials and dumped them in that blog. In the meanwhile, please bear with me.

Back to 2007 half-year life review. I'm officially taken at the starting of the year, 3rd of January to be exact and have been in a rollercoaster ride ever since. The biggest turn event in my whole life this year is, of course, I am finally employed as permanent staff in a high-profile broadcasting company. Let us toast together and praying for the bright future.

Being in a relationship, as it turns out, really taught me about myself, about who I really am. Now I know that if someone scolded me at day, I will have nightmares at night. If someone disturb me, I like my other half to protect me and deal with him/her. If I have nightmares, I'm hoping that I will be comforted by the one I love. I admit one fact that my UPM debate teammates (especially A.Kaloi) always teased me about, that I am a dramatic person, not only on debate stage, but also in real life. Even Zuhaini, Achtung and Furkan frequently mentioned that I'm always hard to cope up with, full with surprises, thanks to my spontaneous nature. I am an extra sensitive and emotional type of guy. But sincerely, that's just me being me.

The biggest problem I'm facing now are difficulties to master two lessons, driving car and riding motorcycle. Not that I don't want to. I know that they are the most important lessons I have to swallowed. However, transportation is only a mean to take us to where we want to go to, not creating problems. But that's only my humble opinion. Give me some time and I'll be an expert, I guarantee you.

Another achievement this year is I finally came in term with my exS (an emphasized S there. Haha) especially with the first one after about four years. Now that's a very long period to come in peace.

For future planning, I want to check out the official Nintendo booth at Jaya Jusco Mid Valley.
One more thing, if not final, accept me as who I am, not someone whom you conjure up in your mind. Please. Peace.

Life: "Dangerously In Love" versi melayu ciptaanku khas untuk kamu

Dangerously In Love versi Melayu
Nyanyian::Beyonce Knowles

Cintaku cintaku cintaku
Sayang ku cinta
Kau hidupku
Tak sempurna saat indah
Tanpamu di sisiku
Kau penghubungku
Jalinan mentari
Kau di sisi
Tiada gelap takkan ku atasi
Kaulah hujanku
Ku benihnya
Kau danNya menyinar
Ku mekar dan ku tumbuh indah
Sayang ku bangga
Sebagai temanmu
Segala keliru pergi
Dari sejuk celaru dunia

Ku mencintaimu
Bebas daku
Tak mampu aku
Hidup tanpamu di sisi
Kerna cintanyaku kepadamu
Ku takkan pergi
Teruskan cinta
Seperti kau cintaiku

Ku tahu cintamu
Mencintai daku
Sebelum ku jauh melangkah
Kaulah jiwaku
Ku tahu sukarnya
Untuk cintaku
Dan ku menghargai cinta dan dedikasi
Kau untukku
Dan dalam takdirku
Ku lihat kita bersama
Ku lihat diriku suamimu
Masa depan di matamu
Seluruh cintaku
Segala tangisku
Semua kurnia
Ku bahagia
Kau tetap di sisiku

Ku terpandang wajahmu
Ku tersenyum
Dan kadang terasa
Amat pedihnya
Dicipta dunia tuk
Mencinta Rasa
Sentuh Nafas
Ku Cinta Kamu

Life: Pencarian (A Poem For You&Me)

Nostalgia keramat bersamamu
Bagaikan voltan elektrik yang mengalir di sitoplasmaku
Aku lemas dipukul sebatian resah
Aku karam di lautan asid hidroklorik

24 jam bakteria sepi menghantuiku
25 jam gelisah mencakar membran sel
26 jam yang ku lalui tanpamu
Bagaikan 365 hari di planet Pluto

Puas aku mencarimu
Di banjaran Himalaya
Di kutub utara
Di Universiti Malaya
Di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra
Namun sejuta kehampaan yang kutemui

Aku rela hilang 7 gunung emas
Aku rela hilang 8 gudang intan
Aku rela hilang surat beranak
Aku rela hilang kad pengenalan
Tapi aku tidak rela kehilanganmu

Apakah cakerawala ini
Tiada lagi unsur oksigen
Tiada lagi proses fotosintesis
Oh sesak nafasku
Pabila ku renung potretmu,

Life: Status - In a Relationship

Cinta bagiku adalah sebuah alam. Sama seperti alam kanak-kanak, alam remaja, alam persekolahan, alam pekerjaan, alam perkahwinan mahupun alam berumahtangga. Alam percintaanlah namanya. Alam juga kata akar "mengalami" dan "pengalaman". Cinta itu sesuatu yang dialami, sama seperti perasaan, pemikiran dan pengalaman. Cinta itu ada rasanya tersendiri, mungkin manis, mungkin pahit, mungkin tawar. Cinta itu diamati dari tingkahlaku dan pancaindera, samaada sentuhan, pandangan dan kata-kata.

Justeru adakah yang ku alami ini cinta? Biarlah ianya suatu yang benar, nyata dan wujud. Tidak seperti pengalaman lalu. Aku terlalu mudah jatuh cinta dengan orang yang salah dan pada masa yang salah. Mereka menjanjikan cinta tetapi memungkirinya dan gagal mempertahankannya, berhenti di tengah jalan. Mereka hanya sekadar ingin memilikiku dan itu sahaja tanpa mengenali, mengerti dan memahami aku.

Cinta sesuatu yang kekal abadi, tidak pernah luntur atau hilang. Sentiasa mekar berkembang dan semakin hari semakin sayang dan rindu. Cinta memerlukan tindakbalas dan rangsangan. Cinta adalah kehidupan dalam erti kata sains, kimia, biologi, fizik, matematik, bahasa. Cinta itu subjektif juga objektif. Cinta itu segalanya, universal.

Apabila aku katakan cinta, maka benarlah aku mencintaimu. Dan aku mahu cinta itu membenih lalu tumbuh subur. Aku tahu mustahil cinta tanpa cubaan, dugaan dan halangan. Kalau cinta itu benar, semuanya diredahi dan ditempuhi. Aku seorang yang percaya pada cinta.

Aku cinta padamu. Zzzzz....

Play: Games Make Me High

I'm more into PC games (because they are varied, complex, evolving) than PS2 games. I'm currently saving up money to buy handheld gaming devices so that I can gaming 24/7, Nintendo DS for good ol' skool RPG games especially Final Fantasy and Pokemon series and also PSP for 3d games especially racing (Burnout Legends), fighting (Tekken/Mortal Kombat/King of Fighter/Street Fighter, if there any) and sport (SSX On Tour).

If I remembered it correctly, the first PC game I played is the first 2D Prince of Persia game while the first cartridge game I played is Mario (can't remember which one). And handheld, none other than Tetris. The first game I bought is The Sims at The Mines. I was attracted at it's tagline "Virtual People Simulation". I was then into this gaming craze rollercoaster ever since.

My favourite PC games according to their respective genre are: STRATEGY (RTS,Turn-based) Rise of Nations, Impossible Creature, Warcraft III, Galactic Civilizations, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Vantage Master, Tradewinds, Drug Lord, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Sims, SimCity 4, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Darwinia, Uplink. SHOOTER (FPS, Horror, Action) Unreal Tournament 2004, Deus Ex, Grand Theft Auto:Vice City, Resident Evil. RPG- Morrowind, Fate, Diablo.
My favourite PS2 games: RPG-Final Fantasy X, Sport-SSX 3, Racing-Midnight Club 3, Fighting-Soul Calibur 3, Music-Guitar Hero, Action-Okami, Katamari Damacy.

Games that I like to play continously, over and over again until the end of time other than Reflexive Arcade games (hyperbole!): Rise of Nations (the compact Civilizations game, with many things to attend to especially founding new cities, controlling resources, expanding border and also advancing technologies, it's so addictive, the strategy is to prioritize), The Sims (with all the expansion packs, Livin' Large, House Party, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar, Makin' Magic-perfect digital world for my virtual pet-the Simlish-speaking people!), SimCity 4 (building and maintaining a city is as hard as it sounds), Galactic Civilizations (a race to grab as many planets as you can in the beginning while researching techologies, then build the strongest space armada or control the economy and technology of the entire galaxy), Heroes of Might&Magic III (six factions to choose from, the colourful and beautiful graphic, 3D it is not but the scenes and monster creations are so captivating), Morrowind (explore the world full with adventure and has its own history and lots of side quest), Unreal Tournament 2004 (action-packed blockbuster shooting galore full-blown sport entertainment with many modes to choose), Rollercoaster Tycoon (building my dream theme park is not a fantasy anymore, the best part is to listen to all your park visitors voicing their opinion about your park), GTA (want to cruise around but got no car, or don't know how to drive? this game is perfectly the answer to your prayer).