Free Pokemon Online Game!

20th Feb 2008 - I stumble upon this free Pokemon online game. Don't forget to say hello to me, Duke Xidenz! (Just download the game for 4mb, and play! It's Pokemon, it's online, and it's free!)

Current Functionality : Wild Pokemon Battles, Catching Wild Pokemon, EXP, Pokemon Grow Levels and Evolve, PvP Battling, Multiple Maps (Kanto Region), Working PokeCentre and PokeMart, Pokemon Storage System (press Enter on a PC in a Pokemon Centre), NPC's and NPC Battles, Pokemon and Item Trading with other players, Private chat with members you invite

New link to Full Kanto Map here!

My comments on Pokemon World Online. It does gives the rough idea about how Pokemon online game should be, especially the graphic works really well just like the actual game. However the game is too laggy and buggy at the moment, and most of the original features aren't there yet. So maybe we will practice wait-and-see here. And hopefully it will change into a full-windowed game like LOC.


  1. Hey there, I'm Kyro the creator of Pokemon World Online, Glad you like my game. I'll keep an eye out for you online.

  2. Pokemon Online is OK, there are quite a few of these around, check out online pokemon games it has a big list of them.

  3. wow! thanx kyro i'm flattered to have you actually reading my blog. yeah! pokemon rules. maybe i can have an exclusive interview with you someday? (for the blog of course. i would be honored)

  4. I'd be happy if you were still interested.