February Hot Stuffs, Tidbits and News

1) Edison Chen's sex scandal. This is the best site to get more info (and pictures!) (Rate:5/5)

(teaser picture only)

2) Asus EEC. Affordable and ultra-portable. Pros: Priced at RM1200+, display at 7" with 800x600 resolution and a built-in 0.3mp camera. Cons: Only 4GB storage, 512MB and no DVD-RW. Overall, OK lar, So-So. (Rate:2/5)

Must-Read Asus EEC PC mod: http://jkkmobile.blogspot.com/2007/12/how-to-add-internal-3g-hsdpa-to-asus.html

3) HSDPA-enabled notebooks (laptop with embedded sim card slot so no need of USB modem, just another alternative of broadband) (Rate:2/5)

4) Selected great info on broadband (Rate:5/5):

5) K.E.W.L. Myspace themes (ideas abundance) (Rate:4/5): http://mashable.com/2007/06/06/best-myspace-layouts-that-dont-look-like-myspace-at-all

Honestly I would only buy the USB modem if the price is RM500 or below is better, and without any contract or sowhatever.

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