I found a good text-based MMORPG

Rarely I found a captivating text-based game such as this one, Legends of Cosrin (LOC). Ive tried several MMORPG from www.download.com in one evening (below 10mb) and this came out as the winner of them all. The only thing missing is picture of the monster you are dueling with. The commands are simple to use. There are movement cube-shaped buttons to use to move around without the hassle to type them (it uses compass direction instead of commands like enter, go out, go in, exit, so it is easier), you may know what you are holding by looking at the Items In Hand picture, the effects you are currently in are also shown nicely. It even include a Calendar system and picture of your current location. And there are a row of buttons for fighting, inventory, stats and all. The most important thing about this game is its players are friendly and uber-patience with newbie user (such as me who's just venture into text-based games). Thanks to Dahak, Herman and Fengaraerith, I now have faith in this type of game. ;)

Actually I've been thinking of producing my own simple game. The idea has been lingering in my head since I played simple games like Tradewinds, Space Rangers, Star Monopoly. At least I want to learn some simple method to create your own workable game and can be enjoyed by other people. I am thinking of creating a game that use Malay language. :)

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