Dance Shuffle

(bukan aku)

Tak taw ler kalu korunk ekceli da dengar ker tak pasal dance type nie yang bergelar "shuffle" or "shuffling". Aku mula2 tau pasal tarian nih lepas wat program Expose untuk Astro Prima channel 105 yang berfokuskan tentang tarian "shuffle" nih. (Gi check TV schedule korunk) Tarian nih banyak menumpukan pada gerakan kaki yang lincah dan rancak dan kebiasaannya diiringi lagu-lagu upbeat. Skit2 pada tangan dan gerakan tubuh.

Ada lar skali tuh aku gi program team building kat Penang tempoh ari then ada satu malam pesta muda-mudi. Time aku menari tu aku ditegur oleh member2 mengatakan diorunk recognize my dance as "shuffle".Pastuh baru lar aku bleh kaitkan bahwa slama nih aku mnari dok tarian ni ghupernyer. Kalo nak taw lebih lanjut, korunk gi cek kat youtube or wikipedia.

Afundi Stacy Putet Akademi Fantasia 6

I'm not a fan of Akademi Fantasia but since I moved in with my friends, watching AF concerts are their ritual and now so am I. My most favourite student is Stacy for her overall package and I hope she won the competition. But it is well known that in AF, Borneo will never be given the chance to get the first place. I bet it will be just be the same this time around too. We will just wait and see if a miracle happen this season.

MHA BIGGEST Update: Level Cap 80!

Waaaa! I haven't reach level 60 in My Heroes Abilities and the level cap has been raised to level 80!!! Hit me baby one more time! Is it really time for me to get out of the safe zone and into FFA?

Gossip Girl

I have just finished watching the first 12 episodes of Gossip Girl in one go this evening and I love the lifestyle it depicts. All the glamorous stuff in it. I even checked the Gossip Girl blog. Well, that's all about it for now. I'm not someone who like to write much when it comes to blogging I guess. Just want the stuff to come out and that's it. (Should I put xoxo here to end my sentence? Haha)

Thanks SDV!

 Sangat surprise dan terharu dengan birthday bash pagi selepas balik kerja! Thanks to y'all! Mimi, Pa'an, Zino, Cliff, Didi (Shah masih tidur di bilik). Memang mengidam makan kek (my favourite!) Dan hadiah Along di hadapan pintu sangat menggembirakan sehingga tak terkata!

Hellgate London

Currenty playing Hellgate London as a summoner. I like the ability to summon other beings to aid me in questing. The items and skill tree are all great!

Battle Stations, Nim's Island and Cyber Cafe

Current update on MHA: My hero has reached level 50, going 60 now with full speed! Am thinking of learning Radiation Manipulation for the Nuclear Bomb action but haven't confirmed it yet :( So now, more eavesdropping! :)

Other than that, I've found a new addictive Facebook application, Battle Stations! I like it because it will accummulate AP as time goes by and you don't have to be so eager to finish it (not like MHA because when the EP is full, it will be wasted not to use 'em). I think I wanna be an Engineer for the free repair but not decided yet, again...
Last night, I watched Nim's Island. I love fantasy + kids movies! This one is so sweet it tastes like candy bar! It's like watching three different stories merging into one at the end. Nice but the acting could be better next time. (I'm always the one with optimism in development) :)

And talking about my current place, BTS. The first time we got here, me, Cliff and Didi, we were really disappointed with the availability of cyber cafe around the area. Finally, now we've seen them mushrooming into one big chain of CC! Now it's totally kewl! (CC is a sign on urban development in progress!)

I have been confirmed by the eldest desperate housemate that we're going to have Streamyx at home by the end of this month! Yeay! Stable connection at last (At least that's what I'm hoping for, wired broadband is a must! Not wireless...totally unreliable)

One more thing, SDV TV has been launched! :)

DOTA, My City and My Room in Facebook

While waiting for my Hero's EP to replenish, I play DOTA on Facebook. This game is all about collecting items to strengthen your hero.

In My City, I'm already on the 3-digits rank!
And this is my room, full with cats!