Battle Stations, Nim's Island and Cyber Cafe

Current update on MHA: My hero has reached level 50, going 60 now with full speed! Am thinking of learning Radiation Manipulation for the Nuclear Bomb action but haven't confirmed it yet :( So now, more eavesdropping! :)

Other than that, I've found a new addictive Facebook application, Battle Stations! I like it because it will accummulate AP as time goes by and you don't have to be so eager to finish it (not like MHA because when the EP is full, it will be wasted not to use 'em). I think I wanna be an Engineer for the free repair but not decided yet, again...
Last night, I watched Nim's Island. I love fantasy + kids movies! This one is so sweet it tastes like candy bar! It's like watching three different stories merging into one at the end. Nice but the acting could be better next time. (I'm always the one with optimism in development) :)

And talking about my current place, BTS. The first time we got here, me, Cliff and Didi, we were really disappointed with the availability of cyber cafe around the area. Finally, now we've seen them mushrooming into one big chain of CC! Now it's totally kewl! (CC is a sign on urban development in progress!)

I have been confirmed by the eldest desperate housemate that we're going to have Streamyx at home by the end of this month! Yeay! Stable connection at last (At least that's what I'm hoping for, wired broadband is a must! Not wireless...totally unreliable)

One more thing, SDV TV has been launched! :)

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