Feel 100% Sex & the City

Finally, I've read Feel 100% comic finale! Fate destined Sean and Jackie to be together, Jerry and Jenny become priest and priestess, Sean become a famous documentary director, and Cherie still searching for her own soul - is she too goody or too greedy? But poor her. Happy ending? Maybe, but one thing I've learned since reading Feel 100% for the past few years, there is no such perfect couple. You have to compromise and tolerate your couple's strength and weakness.Sex & the City the movie US premier tomorrow! The first time introduced to Carrie Bradshaw was during a sleepover at Abg Zul's place, Subang year 2003 I guess. Get Carried Away! Go to the movie official site and listen to all great soundtrack! Not to forget swing by to its official blog! Time for me to take quiz on which SATC character suits mine!

Next: Indiana Jones and Kingdom of Crystal Skull, Superhero Movie, Apa Kata Hati
Listen: India Arie - Heart of the Matter, Fergie - Labels & Love

Go! Green

Got this from Happy Meal McD, Ben 10 Upgrade! Futuristic looking Ben! (Haven't watched the cartoon yet though)
MHA current strategy: No more Eavesdropping! I'm now Whirlwind at local fights! More exp gained with this action! Acid!

Mental notes: Bills payment ASAP, flip my room with a new Narnian wardrobe, laptop accessories, new gamer keyboard, watch Indiana Jones, Sex & the City, look out for Blake Lively in Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, SPORE game!

Shareholder in My Heroes Abilities

BAD: Invisibity ability screwed. Its stackable properties is in a mess now and my favourite action, Eavesdropped has been exchanged with Turn Invisible.
NEUTRAL: The price of unlearning abilities and actions is raised. Have to be more careful in spending credits.
GOOD: GROUP EXP SHARE! Yezzar! It's making me lazier than ever! But you must logged in MHA at least once every 24 hours. That's kewl with me!

Alamak Terlebih Sudah!

(pic courtesy of The Star)

Lega Stacy menang! Simpati Nadia nombor lima (Karut Lagi Mengarut lagu melalut). Bersorak gembira Riz nombor dua - he's fake! (Sorry Riz fans, it's the truth you hate to admit) Sedih tengok wajah Nubhan mengharap. He's OK but not there yet. Lupakan Toi. Wajib download: Stacy - Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi dan Aku Stacy; Nubhan - Ada Untukmu!

AF 2003 takde Sabahan; start 2004, Sabahan asyik2 naib juara - Linda, Felix, Lotter & Ebi. Stracy Angie Anam (18) pecah tradisi! The second Sabahan to win a reality show after Ayu of One in a Million 8TV! KONGRATULASI!

Link: Wiki AF

Impulsive Shopping & Gossip Girl Season 1 Finale

(i will never understand this two boys)
Back from shopping so let's check what I've just bought. After dining at Mangrove Pasar Seni (first time eating at the newly renovated CM) and sending off Zino to work, I went to my seventh heaven, Bukit Bintang!
(spell-checked, yup, the Mangrove)
I just bought 5 new shirts today at my favourite Sungei Wang street fashion sect. Glad I did. Love shopping for clothes there because it's hardly to find people wearing the same cloth like you. Luxurious look, cheap price tag! I used to like shopping in Isetan (specifically located in KLCC, there are currently only 3 Isetan malls all over Malaysia and I haven't check out the latest Isetan @ The Gardens) However, the brands and labels are too generic and most people wear the same cloth. Yikes! Hate it when you accidentally bumped to someone wearing the same like yours. Anyway, compared to Cliff, my housemate, I'm not an impulsive shopper, I do think twice (like the ol' SDV song "Think")
(luxury look, cheap price tag: justified)
Done repairing my handphone speaker at the same shop in Low Yat (bury my dead body here) that repaired my handphone's LCD screen (damage caused by my bursting rage) Bought 3 horror DVDs at S&M (so many people doesn't know this building exist at the very heart of KL, just in front of the famous Petaling Street aka China Town), allowing myself to be haunted by the visuals for days or maybe weeks and having neverending nightmares.
(yup, spotted an "xoxo" in this scene!)
Just finished watching Gossip Girl season 1 finale as well! Spoiler! Fate of the couples (How I love to start with the ending) Dan broke up with Serena! Serena was seen "reflecting" herself together with Nate while Dan was chilling out with Vanessa. Chuck and Blair finally officially become an item but a week after that Chuck goes back to his old habit with "whoever that girl's name is". And though at the beginning of the episode Lily was sleeping with Rufus, she ends up marrying Ted Bass (is his name Ted? He is so forgettable) Oh ya, that Georgina? Blair & Dan plotted together and brought Georgina to the one she fears the most, her parents. All well ends well? You bet.
(do they need to go this far?)
p/s: Starting the day off watching "Metrosexual", a Thailand movie shown in Astro Box Office with Cliff, Zino and Emy. The ending? For the viewers to imagine.
to Diana: me, evil? >:)

Mahathir & Pak Lah Rift

Wisely, Pak Lah should consider to resign his post. He has served his role in keeping the peace intact when Malaysia was in its toughest moment. He was only given the chance to rule Malaysia while the true successor, Najib is ready enough to take over, it's time for him to respectfully handover the post to Najib. Najib will strengthen our current weak government. Long live R.A.H.M.A.N.

Narnia & Godliness.

(favourite scene, the arrival of Kings & Queens of Narnia!)

At last, I watched Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at Pavilion! A Narnian movie never fails to give me what I've always craving for, transporting me to a believable fantasy land, a complete escapism from this torturing real world! It's like I'm one of the Narnian who wish to see Aslan for real as well. Before this I don't really take in what people referring to the CS Lewis children book as a religious work, but after watching this movie, I realised some of the elements of belief does exist. Especially the scene when White Witch trying to persuade both Caspian the Tenth and High King Peter to give her a drop of blood from an Adam's child, and then King Edmund destroyed the ice in which the witch was encased in revealing Aslan's carved sculpture behind it, it is almost a religious moment. And when they say that only one who really believes will be able to see Aslan, yes, it might translated to, only children with imagination can see Aslan, but on the other side, it sounded like preaching on people's belief.

But the most unnecessary scene that shouldn't be in the movie is when Queen Susan kissed Caspian the Tenth, because I don't remember there's anything in the book that suggested Queen Susan kissing or even having any love interest in Caspian the Tenth, at all! So Hollywood to add anything they want without retaining the real story. And like in all Narnia book, there will always be an epic battle with few tactics and surprises that I always love about the books! Anyway, I'm so in love with Narnia and yes, King Edmund does left his torch in Narnia, which mean more adventure to come! Hopefully I'm aging well to watch more Narnia coming to live in the cinema! And remember, this movie best watched in cinemas, not pirated DVD! Now I'm back to my dreaded real world...

Wedding Movies

I've just finished watching 2 movies based on weddings, 27 Dresses followed by Over Her Dead Body. What an evening i've had. In 27 Dresses, the part that really got me esctatic is when both Kevin and Jane sang the couple song while drunk at the bar. I thought it would be nice if the song become their wedding theme song. Then in Over Her Dead Body, the part that made me go gaga is when the bird (being the only channel for Kate - Eva Longoria to talk to Henry) say "Take the bird! Take the bird". But poor Jason Biggs. He is so in love with Ashley to the point that he disguised as a gay for 5 years! I voted these 2 scenes as the current most over-the-top scenes i've watched this whole week so far. I'm off to watch Narnia! My most favourite cinema to date: GSC @ Pavilion! (Is it GSC @ TGV?) Love the spacious seat!


I'm not going to forward it anymore but I'm going to do my obligation by answering the tags. Here we go:

Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented
*Dimensional Door (so I can go anywhere, anytime) *Poket Doraemon (childish dream that sometimes come and go through my thought) *Pocket-sized all-in-one technology device powered by energy from body heat (ALL-IN-ONE OK!) *Real living robot partner (for a loner like me...)
Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented
*Guns (why use guns? killing from a distance is boring) *Briefs (it kills sperms) *Cars (environment destroyer; support public transportation) *Paper money (the most stupid invention. gold should be world currency)
Name 3 Things I do not know about you
*I killed someone (be afraid...be very afraid) *I enjoy violence thoughts (hear me roar) *I have multiple personalities (or should we call it disorder?)
Name 5 Snacks you enjoy
*Oreo (i have a special cookie jar just for oreo) *Cream-O (right, Oreo done alternative) *Cadbury (obviously Black Forest) *Kit-Kat (i was born a kit-kat lover) *Keropok Tesco (so cheap yet so addictive)


Most Anticipated IMMERSIVE Games

The Sims 3
You can now explore and roam freely in the open, seamless, living, continous map of neighborhood without the ever-disturbing loading screen! Visit neighbor's homes & stroll the street to meet friends or just go sight-seeing! Every Sim is unique with distictive combined personality traits and behaviour. The typical bladder and energy motives will be overhauled, and replaced with "moodlets". The entire game is played in real-time, so that the Sim that the player is not using will still age and may get married, have children, and/or gain other memories and experience other events. This is The Sims games I've been dreaming of for all these years! Now you don't have to leave your house to go anywhere!


You evolve from a single-celled organism, to a sapient animal, then molding the species' society, developing into an interstellar exploration, space-faring civilization! This "Sim Everything" incorporates Pac-Man for the tide pool phase; Diablo for the creature phase; Populous for the tribal phase; SimCity, Risk, and Civilization for the civilization phase; SimEarth for the space phase, with elements of sandbox gameplay. So crazy that it will surely take aeons to play!


You are Niko Bellic, a Serbian immigrant and veteran of Bosnian war migrating to Liberty City (based on Big Apple New York) to pursue American Dream (Sounds like Daisy Comes to America with a serious man on board!). Still a third-person shooter and a driving game, it gives you a large, open, non-linear environment to explore and choose how you want to play the game. You walk, run, swim, climb, jump, as well as utilising all types of weapons and basic hand to hand combat. And as all GTA games, you can steal and drive a variety of vehicles. Upgraded are the high level of realism (stealing a car is not just entering it; break the window and hotwired it to drive, and there's even GPS!), superb heavenly graphic, detailed car damage physics that goes bazooka, more real technologies than ever with the addition of mobile phone (text messaging, taking pictures, making calls), in-game Internet accessed via cyber cafe chain all over the city complete with fictitious websites and e-mails, in-game TV programmes, combat cover system, and police wanted level with search radius.

Next: MUST-WATCH NARNIA! Listen: Rihanna - Take A Bow

Gossip Girl: Simply Brilliant

Wow! This is simply brilliant! You know lately I like to blog on Gossip Girl. The CW has just created an official wedding website for Lily van der Woodsen and Bart Bass. It even has a theme song, countdown to the big day (which is the countdown to the next episode, the finale for this season!). The link here!

And although Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgley) has just broke up in the last episode, offset, they are officially an item!

Changing Ritual in MHA and DOTA

My Heroes Abilities
If before I depend too much on eavesdropping to level up, now I'm moving to Las Vegas and learn to cut open head (telekinesis) the local cops. Much more experience gained this way. Today marks my first day of FFA and the experience is tough. I have to get to level 80 ASAP!

Defense of the Ancients
No more attacking without preparation, I'm equipping myself with enhancing attack and defense scrolls from now on. And when I'm getting tired, restoring fatigue potions will help me out! Now that I'm level 40 going 50!

I'm becoming a stronger player from now on! Watch me! This is my declaration of war!

Comparison Competition

So many comparison to make today so let's get to the first pair to duke it out!

1) Akademi Fantasia vs Gang Starz - These two at the very basic are talent competitions. Much like the old Bintang RTM and Sinaran. So talent-wise, my vote goes to Gang Starz, Akademi Fantasia is just big on hype. Yeah, Akademi Fantasia may produced more artists (quality-wise, not for me to judge), but Gang Starz has a lot more to offer, it's international yo! (Malaysian Idol? Different story)

2) Nokia N96 vs iPhone 3G - Should the same rule be used here, that we should compare these two according to the core of the subject? Well then, handphones are created to make call on the go. But as time goes by, it has developed to be multi tasking, taking pictures, video calling, Internet browsing and even film making. So if functions you are going after, then most probably the winner is Nokia N96. 5MP Carl Zeiss camera, support NGage games, HSDPA, WiFi (It is voted the best smartphone by Stuff magazine for several months anyway) However, there is only one drawback, touch screen. I'm drooling over touch technology! Yes, current iPhone does not support 3G, but it is to be adressed with its version 2.0, coming out this June. Plus, surfing the Internet with Safari browser seriously change the way I look at Web 2.0. So, I'm holding my breath till iPhone 3G is out! But if Nokia introduced an N series with touch screen...well, that's a different story.

3) Nintendo DS vs PSP - This is quite tough. Both has its own edges to bring to the table. PSP is a mini PS but Nintendo DS is NEVER was a bonsai Nintendo Wii (Wii is gesture-sensitive and DS utilised touch screen). In my own personal opinion, I would buy a PSP first before DS just because it has so many functions that a DS can't accomplished - listening to music, watching movies, and most importantly playing games (especially GTA!) although I know it will get old sooner than I thought. But I'm going to buy both anyway.

4) Nintendo Wii vs PS3 and XBox 360 - Not a fair contest if you ask me, 2 vs 1! However PS3 and XBox 360 doesn't really have many differences with their brethren except the upgraded visuals and same old recycled game titles so I'm rooting for innovation. There's so much thing to discover with Wii, there's a whole lot of new games to explore especially Zelda, and yeah, playing tennis with the Wiimote and nunchuk sounds so much fun. Besides, Captain Jack Sparrow hates PS3 blu-ray technology, if you know what I mean.

5) Kaizar and Nubhan AF6 - What? No! We don't look a like for God's sake! Stop comparing us! The most reasonable explanation not to is, I am half-Chinese, half-Melanau from Brunei, and he's a pure Malay from Negeri Sembilan. Other than that, I work behind the scene, and he's in front of the camera. So big differences there man. Go figure it out.

Et cetera: I planned to install Mac OS Leopard into my PC but I have to ditch it because my PC is powered by AMD. I also wish to try Linux someday. Windows vs Mac vs Linux + AMD vs Intel. The second wat shall continue. Next plan: buy an upgraded Asus EEE PC. Your wish is my command!

Out of topic story: MC today. Flu. And mentally hol. (Second MC after 5th April)

Me Robots

Have just watched Iron Man last night. Totally a cool movie if you are a technology enthusiast just like me. I love all the future tech shown in the movie (except for the destructive weapons, I'm a peacenik) especially the hand-gesture sensitive computer and the hologram with the visible virtual recycle bin. And the reactor heart? The centre piece of it all. I love all the tech details in the movie. Awesome. Some of my friends compared it with the Transformer movie which IMHO, is not that great movie at all. Iron Man is better because it's a more focused movie whereas Transformer is just big on hype.Talking about robotics, watch Astro Boy on Astro Ceria (Wow, two Astros!) I've watched some episodes and it's a great cartoon. It focus on human-robot relationship which is emotionally touching. Go check your TV schedule.

More on Gossip Girl. Finally watched the 16th episode. My prediction is right. The thing that Serena has been hiding since the first episode is, to quote her last sentence from the last episode "I killed someone", most probably someone she slept with. I love it when I guessed correctly.

Tune that can't get outta my head: Anna Nalick - Breath

Next Updates:
1) Games that excite me: GTA IV (coming soon to PC?), Spore (the pinnacle of gaming world!)
2) Currently considering to buy either N96 or iPhone 3G (coming out this June). Seriously into Nintendo Wii than PS3 or XBox 360. PSP? Camcorder Sony soon after.

My Heroes Abilities ITEMS!

Finally! Items are out in My Heroes Abilities! These are the first two items available! More to come! Can't hardly wait for weapons!
Check out this myspace layout design. Kinda kewl eh? Link here. But it loads so slow. Bleurgh!

Stomachache & Chi Kit Teck Aun

Sakit perut...huhu...sebenarnya aku jarang ambil ubat kalau sakit, demam ke, selesema ke, I always let nature to go its own course. Tapi sebab sepanjang hari ni aku asyik keluar masuk toilet sampai mengganggu proses hibernasi aku di waktu siang untuk menyiapkan diri bagi kerja shif malam, akhirnya aku menyerah diri kepada saranan Zakri untuk makan Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun. Dijamin sembuh terus kononnya. Meh aku cuba try test.
Tengok Mimi senang jer dia tidur time aku tengah sakit-sakit. Huhu... Bilalah Boboi, si kucing seekor lagi tuh yang tak reti nak duduk diam balik rumah. Rasanya seminggu dua dah melarikan diri kat PD tuh.
Ha, ni plak special snapshot yang aku capture time hantar my sis for her class kat UIA. Istimewa untuk Izuan. Kunang-Kunang Restaurant. Ingat jugak kawan2 di mana pun berada kan.
Have you ever heard the song "I need a girlfriend"? It keeps ringing in my head like crazy. Maybe I should get one soon.

Astro Channel Surfing

My pastime mostly consumed by sitting in front of my PC. I don't really watch TV but when I do, I will channel surfing. I start from channel 101 to 800. What I found interesting while doing this...(make sure you are in front of your TV while reading this)... I don't really watch tv1 and tv2 (though I really want to work there someday) but tv2 do gives me some alternative programmes to watch (especially science fiction), love tv3 because it's one of the best channel in Malaysia (hurrah for tv3!), stop at astro ria for awhile if there is anything to do with Akademi Fantasia (I'm not a follower but since I moved in with my friends...there you go again), astro prima for some favourite TV shows (erm, Expose?), astro oasis if there is anything interesting (especially about other islamic countries), ntv7 if there is any live telecast or cool tv shows, passed Zee TV (but actually some of the music videos played on this channel are good), watch @15 for any repeat AF concert (and sometimes read the silly milly messages), passed ART (the same with Zee), tv9 for cartoon (Spongebob Squarepants rawks!) or any good TV shows, astro aruna for indonesian flavour (and some silly fantasy series), astro kirana for obviously good quality asian movies (WOW to Asia!), PASS ALL THE INDIAN CHANNELS to 301, and for Chinese Channels, I will mostly stop at KBSW (Korean!), Celestial (good old movies!), and Shuang Xi (some up-to-date series and my favourite, Romantic Princess! Don't worry, this channel has subtitle). TVB8, XHE, WATV, TVBS sometimes have good celebrity shows on them. AEC, Wah La Toi, Jia Yu mostly failed at giving me good entertainment and there's no point to watch previews on AODP. Passed Phoenix, ETVA, PIN and CTV4 like there's no pint watching them. And XTY for kids. Will stop at HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies for any good movies titles (Nyum Nyum). PASSED ALL THE NEWS CHANNEL (Bleurgh) and stop at Discovery. If there is any good documentaries among the channels, will stop for awhile to watch them especially about animals (Hate insects but they look good on TV...hehehe...). Love ALL the CARTOON channels (Cute cartoon characters!) but I don't really like Malay voiceover on Ceria! AXN if there is any series to catch up (but don't really fancy any), don't really watch Hallmark (getting too old) or AFC (my mom loves this channel), listen to any good songs on Hitz.TV, not into Travel&Living, then moved on to 8TV for some Korean dose and 10pm show (I used to fell head over heel for this channel during my university years and even do a research paper specifically for it), 100% love Star World for its up-to-date series (Heroes! Desperate Housewives! Not into Lost or Prison Break though), not really into E! (gossips and celebrities...inseparable), will mostly listen for new songs from MTV and V (love love love), Animax for any good animes (I eventually like watching R.O.D., an anime about book lovers, I love books!), not into BBCE but watch it for some British humor (and I heard that Dr. Who is a good show), watch CI if there is any programmes I have edited, not into Home&Health and Real Time and finally always took a glance at ASSP if Gamer TV is on. And because I don't fancy Sports Channels, I stop there. So there, you have ended your channel surfing with me! :)P

David Archuleta American Idol 7

What's so hot about David Archuleta, age 17 from Utah? He's a nerd. And I absolutely love his favorite quote "You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself"


(not yet pictured with me)

WELCOMING my new baby home last night! HP Pavilion tx2032AU Entertainment Notebook PC! Actually I don't have any intention to buy anything worthy yesterday but I when I stumble upon this laptop, my first impression is, WOW, nice size! Then as I tried it, I accidentally touch the screen and I went like, WOW, TOUCH SCREEN! And then I also found out that I can flip it and make it as Tablet PC! WOW! WOW! WOW! Triple WOW there! It even has its own mini remote control! So, I got this baby and bring her home! I smiled from ear to ear for this newborn!

The spec goes like this: Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium; AMD Athlon64™ TK-57 (1.9 GHz, 512KB L2 Cache); 12.1" WXGA High-Definition HP Brightview Wide Touchscreen Display (1280 X 800); 2048MB (667DDR2) / max to 4GB* DDR2 Memory (1024 x 2 pcs); 160GB HDD (5400rpm); DVD +/- RW Double Layer Drive with LightScribe; Bluetooth; 802.11a/b/g; Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN; Touch Pad with On/Off button and dedicatd vertical Scroll Up/Down pad; 5-in-1 intergrated digital media reader slot (XD, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO); NVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 6150 (UMA / shared 64MB graphic); One year International Limited Warranty (parts/labor/carry-in)

Some bad review that I read about it: high temperature (bad cooling), noisy and use up battery very fast.