Astro Channel Surfing

My pastime mostly consumed by sitting in front of my PC. I don't really watch TV but when I do, I will channel surfing. I start from channel 101 to 800. What I found interesting while doing this...(make sure you are in front of your TV while reading this)... I don't really watch tv1 and tv2 (though I really want to work there someday) but tv2 do gives me some alternative programmes to watch (especially science fiction), love tv3 because it's one of the best channel in Malaysia (hurrah for tv3!), stop at astro ria for awhile if there is anything to do with Akademi Fantasia (I'm not a follower but since I moved in with my friends...there you go again), astro prima for some favourite TV shows (erm, Expose?), astro oasis if there is anything interesting (especially about other islamic countries), ntv7 if there is any live telecast or cool tv shows, passed Zee TV (but actually some of the music videos played on this channel are good), watch @15 for any repeat AF concert (and sometimes read the silly milly messages), passed ART (the same with Zee), tv9 for cartoon (Spongebob Squarepants rawks!) or any good TV shows, astro aruna for indonesian flavour (and some silly fantasy series), astro kirana for obviously good quality asian movies (WOW to Asia!), PASS ALL THE INDIAN CHANNELS to 301, and for Chinese Channels, I will mostly stop at KBSW (Korean!), Celestial (good old movies!), and Shuang Xi (some up-to-date series and my favourite, Romantic Princess! Don't worry, this channel has subtitle). TVB8, XHE, WATV, TVBS sometimes have good celebrity shows on them. AEC, Wah La Toi, Jia Yu mostly failed at giving me good entertainment and there's no point to watch previews on AODP. Passed Phoenix, ETVA, PIN and CTV4 like there's no pint watching them. And XTY for kids. Will stop at HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies for any good movies titles (Nyum Nyum). PASSED ALL THE NEWS CHANNEL (Bleurgh) and stop at Discovery. If there is any good documentaries among the channels, will stop for awhile to watch them especially about animals (Hate insects but they look good on TV...hehehe...). Love ALL the CARTOON channels (Cute cartoon characters!) but I don't really like Malay voiceover on Ceria! AXN if there is any series to catch up (but don't really fancy any), don't really watch Hallmark (getting too old) or AFC (my mom loves this channel), listen to any good songs on Hitz.TV, not into Travel&Living, then moved on to 8TV for some Korean dose and 10pm show (I used to fell head over heel for this channel during my university years and even do a research paper specifically for it), 100% love Star World for its up-to-date series (Heroes! Desperate Housewives! Not into Lost or Prison Break though), not really into E! (gossips and celebrities...inseparable), will mostly listen for new songs from MTV and V (love love love), Animax for any good animes (I eventually like watching R.O.D., an anime about book lovers, I love books!), not into BBCE but watch it for some British humor (and I heard that Dr. Who is a good show), watch CI if there is any programmes I have edited, not into Home&Health and Real Time and finally always took a glance at ASSP if Gamer TV is on. And because I don't fancy Sports Channels, I stop there. So there, you have ended your channel surfing with me! :)P

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