David Archuleta American Idol 7

What's so hot about David Archuleta, age 17 from Utah? He's a nerd. And I absolutely love his favorite quote "You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself"


  1. Uhh watever................
    Thats not true!!!
    Grrr. :(
    He's a WHOLE lot cuter than the real winner David Cook!!!!!
    And seriously, Who do you think will be more sucessful?
    David A. or David C.?
    David Archuleta can sing love songs a WHOLE lot better than Cook can beacause David Cook is more of a rocker than anything else. Many girls love him and he is more likely to sell more records than Cook!!!

  2. Screw u!!!!!!!!!

    i think david archuleta desrved 2 win !!!!!!!

    FYI: david's not a nerd nor is he gay!!!!

    if u hate david a well FUCK U!!!!

  3. Now now dear, who ever say I hate Archie? LOL. It depends on how you appreciate both talents. To me they are just two "DAUDS" (Davids, in our own mother tongue) Lalala... off we go!

  4. eii...
    who is that sarcastic anonymous?
    actually i also like archie...

  5. u kno wat u suck and David deserved to win not cook!!!!!!! i was crying when he lost and i also cried when he sang imagine he is sooo awesome i have posters of him and and dont be mean to him!!!!!!! y dont u like he is soo good and u kno wat go suck eggs u dont even deserve to know his name or even say it so grrrrrrrr :X

  6. kelakar2....v la plak kn.mungkin die terlalu obses,sampai x perasan makna sbnr ayat org lain.inilah nasib org yg bertuankan hati.sedih,nk ckp die x phm english tp komen die pon guna english kn.org dh terang2 ckp x benci,faham la apa maksud org.yang best nye tu,"i was crying when he lost"......hahaahaha,apsal la x sms byk2 bermillion2 ker kn.xde la buah hati pengarang jantung die tu kalah, ni sampai nk mencarut-marut kt blog org lain.....

  7. yg penting....quote i 'apsal la x sms byk2 bermillion2 ker kn'....hahaahaha,i terpikir,bodo la sms byk2 pon.better kumpul duit,beli album ORIGINAL,barulah betul kipas susah mati.