Feel 100% Sex & the City

Finally, I've read Feel 100% comic finale! Fate destined Sean and Jackie to be together, Jerry and Jenny become priest and priestess, Sean become a famous documentary director, and Cherie still searching for her own soul - is she too goody or too greedy? But poor her. Happy ending? Maybe, but one thing I've learned since reading Feel 100% for the past few years, there is no such perfect couple. You have to compromise and tolerate your couple's strength and weakness.Sex & the City the movie US premier tomorrow! The first time introduced to Carrie Bradshaw was during a sleepover at Abg Zul's place, Subang year 2003 I guess. Get Carried Away! Go to the movie official site and listen to all great soundtrack! Not to forget swing by to its official blog! Time for me to take quiz on which SATC character suits mine!

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Listen: India Arie - Heart of the Matter, Fergie - Labels & Love

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