Impulsive Shopping & Gossip Girl Season 1 Finale

(i will never understand this two boys)
Back from shopping so let's check what I've just bought. After dining at Mangrove Pasar Seni (first time eating at the newly renovated CM) and sending off Zino to work, I went to my seventh heaven, Bukit Bintang!
(spell-checked, yup, the Mangrove)
I just bought 5 new shirts today at my favourite Sungei Wang street fashion sect. Glad I did. Love shopping for clothes there because it's hardly to find people wearing the same cloth like you. Luxurious look, cheap price tag! I used to like shopping in Isetan (specifically located in KLCC, there are currently only 3 Isetan malls all over Malaysia and I haven't check out the latest Isetan @ The Gardens) However, the brands and labels are too generic and most people wear the same cloth. Yikes! Hate it when you accidentally bumped to someone wearing the same like yours. Anyway, compared to Cliff, my housemate, I'm not an impulsive shopper, I do think twice (like the ol' SDV song "Think")
(luxury look, cheap price tag: justified)
Done repairing my handphone speaker at the same shop in Low Yat (bury my dead body here) that repaired my handphone's LCD screen (damage caused by my bursting rage) Bought 3 horror DVDs at S&M (so many people doesn't know this building exist at the very heart of KL, just in front of the famous Petaling Street aka China Town), allowing myself to be haunted by the visuals for days or maybe weeks and having neverending nightmares.
(yup, spotted an "xoxo" in this scene!)
Just finished watching Gossip Girl season 1 finale as well! Spoiler! Fate of the couples (How I love to start with the ending) Dan broke up with Serena! Serena was seen "reflecting" herself together with Nate while Dan was chilling out with Vanessa. Chuck and Blair finally officially become an item but a week after that Chuck goes back to his old habit with "whoever that girl's name is". And though at the beginning of the episode Lily was sleeping with Rufus, she ends up marrying Ted Bass (is his name Ted? He is so forgettable) Oh ya, that Georgina? Blair & Dan plotted together and brought Georgina to the one she fears the most, her parents. All well ends well? You bet.
(do they need to go this far?)
p/s: Starting the day off watching "Metrosexual", a Thailand movie shown in Astro Box Office with Cliff, Zino and Emy. The ending? For the viewers to imagine.
to Diana: me, evil? >:)


  1. ngeehheee.. I didnt know the renovated CM. Have to go there whenever i stop by at kL. hey, u r not evil lahh..ok.maybe evil skit..but evil-cute,still under control. *_~ U like Gol and Gincu?? seriously?? I love it sO much i bought the same doll i saw in Putri's room in G&G 1. hihi. Hp rulez!

  2. agree with you abt the same baju everywhere we go. better buy a reasonable price nye baju tapi unique and uncommon. I like shopping at The Curve a lot. ;) they have street shopping too on Sundays and Saturdays, i tink.

  3. hehe...i've been looking out for the right word then...wht doll eh? i like the curve too because it's organized. but still i like japanese/korean/taiwanese street fashion in sungei wang

  4. I tak baca Buku dia, i taktahu the story line. But white witch tu best ape.. (^^) and yup..part susan and prince caspian yang last tu sangatla unrelevant and doesnt make any sense. They all should have listened to Dear Little Lucy at first place kan.