Me Robots

Have just watched Iron Man last night. Totally a cool movie if you are a technology enthusiast just like me. I love all the future tech shown in the movie (except for the destructive weapons, I'm a peacenik) especially the hand-gesture sensitive computer and the hologram with the visible virtual recycle bin. And the reactor heart? The centre piece of it all. I love all the tech details in the movie. Awesome. Some of my friends compared it with the Transformer movie which IMHO, is not that great movie at all. Iron Man is better because it's a more focused movie whereas Transformer is just big on hype.Talking about robotics, watch Astro Boy on Astro Ceria (Wow, two Astros!) I've watched some episodes and it's a great cartoon. It focus on human-robot relationship which is emotionally touching. Go check your TV schedule.

More on Gossip Girl. Finally watched the 16th episode. My prediction is right. The thing that Serena has been hiding since the first episode is, to quote her last sentence from the last episode "I killed someone", most probably someone she slept with. I love it when I guessed correctly.

Tune that can't get outta my head: Anna Nalick - Breath

Next Updates:
1) Games that excite me: GTA IV (coming soon to PC?), Spore (the pinnacle of gaming world!)
2) Currently considering to buy either N96 or iPhone 3G (coming out this June). Seriously into Nintendo Wii than PS3 or XBox 360. PSP? Camcorder Sony soon after.


  1. i tot the new gta is only for the x-box 360

  2. ps3 ada gak. tengah tunggu pc version. da bli ek?