Most Anticipated IMMERSIVE Games

The Sims 3
You can now explore and roam freely in the open, seamless, living, continous map of neighborhood without the ever-disturbing loading screen! Visit neighbor's homes & stroll the street to meet friends or just go sight-seeing! Every Sim is unique with distictive combined personality traits and behaviour. The typical bladder and energy motives will be overhauled, and replaced with "moodlets". The entire game is played in real-time, so that the Sim that the player is not using will still age and may get married, have children, and/or gain other memories and experience other events. This is The Sims games I've been dreaming of for all these years! Now you don't have to leave your house to go anywhere!


You evolve from a single-celled organism, to a sapient animal, then molding the species' society, developing into an interstellar exploration, space-faring civilization! This "Sim Everything" incorporates Pac-Man for the tide pool phase; Diablo for the creature phase; Populous for the tribal phase; SimCity, Risk, and Civilization for the civilization phase; SimEarth for the space phase, with elements of sandbox gameplay. So crazy that it will surely take aeons to play!


You are Niko Bellic, a Serbian immigrant and veteran of Bosnian war migrating to Liberty City (based on Big Apple New York) to pursue American Dream (Sounds like Daisy Comes to America with a serious man on board!). Still a third-person shooter and a driving game, it gives you a large, open, non-linear environment to explore and choose how you want to play the game. You walk, run, swim, climb, jump, as well as utilising all types of weapons and basic hand to hand combat. And as all GTA games, you can steal and drive a variety of vehicles. Upgraded are the high level of realism (stealing a car is not just entering it; break the window and hotwired it to drive, and there's even GPS!), superb heavenly graphic, detailed car damage physics that goes bazooka, more real technologies than ever with the addition of mobile phone (text messaging, taking pictures, making calls), in-game Internet accessed via cyber cafe chain all over the city complete with fictitious websites and e-mails, in-game TV programmes, combat cover system, and police wanted level with search radius.

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