Narnia & Godliness.

(favourite scene, the arrival of Kings & Queens of Narnia!)

At last, I watched Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at Pavilion! A Narnian movie never fails to give me what I've always craving for, transporting me to a believable fantasy land, a complete escapism from this torturing real world! It's like I'm one of the Narnian who wish to see Aslan for real as well. Before this I don't really take in what people referring to the CS Lewis children book as a religious work, but after watching this movie, I realised some of the elements of belief does exist. Especially the scene when White Witch trying to persuade both Caspian the Tenth and High King Peter to give her a drop of blood from an Adam's child, and then King Edmund destroyed the ice in which the witch was encased in revealing Aslan's carved sculpture behind it, it is almost a religious moment. And when they say that only one who really believes will be able to see Aslan, yes, it might translated to, only children with imagination can see Aslan, but on the other side, it sounded like preaching on people's belief.

But the most unnecessary scene that shouldn't be in the movie is when Queen Susan kissed Caspian the Tenth, because I don't remember there's anything in the book that suggested Queen Susan kissing or even having any love interest in Caspian the Tenth, at all! So Hollywood to add anything they want without retaining the real story. And like in all Narnia book, there will always be an epic battle with few tactics and surprises that I always love about the books! Anyway, I'm so in love with Narnia and yes, King Edmund does left his torch in Narnia, which mean more adventure to come! Hopefully I'm aging well to watch more Narnia coming to live in the cinema! And remember, this movie best watched in cinemas, not pirated DVD! Now I'm back to my dreaded real world...

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