Comparison Competition

So many comparison to make today so let's get to the first pair to duke it out!

1) Akademi Fantasia vs Gang Starz - These two at the very basic are talent competitions. Much like the old Bintang RTM and Sinaran. So talent-wise, my vote goes to Gang Starz, Akademi Fantasia is just big on hype. Yeah, Akademi Fantasia may produced more artists (quality-wise, not for me to judge), but Gang Starz has a lot more to offer, it's international yo! (Malaysian Idol? Different story)

2) Nokia N96 vs iPhone 3G - Should the same rule be used here, that we should compare these two according to the core of the subject? Well then, handphones are created to make call on the go. But as time goes by, it has developed to be multi tasking, taking pictures, video calling, Internet browsing and even film making. So if functions you are going after, then most probably the winner is Nokia N96. 5MP Carl Zeiss camera, support NGage games, HSDPA, WiFi (It is voted the best smartphone by Stuff magazine for several months anyway) However, there is only one drawback, touch screen. I'm drooling over touch technology! Yes, current iPhone does not support 3G, but it is to be adressed with its version 2.0, coming out this June. Plus, surfing the Internet with Safari browser seriously change the way I look at Web 2.0. So, I'm holding my breath till iPhone 3G is out! But if Nokia introduced an N series with touch screen...well, that's a different story.

3) Nintendo DS vs PSP - This is quite tough. Both has its own edges to bring to the table. PSP is a mini PS but Nintendo DS is NEVER was a bonsai Nintendo Wii (Wii is gesture-sensitive and DS utilised touch screen). In my own personal opinion, I would buy a PSP first before DS just because it has so many functions that a DS can't accomplished - listening to music, watching movies, and most importantly playing games (especially GTA!) although I know it will get old sooner than I thought. But I'm going to buy both anyway.

4) Nintendo Wii vs PS3 and XBox 360 - Not a fair contest if you ask me, 2 vs 1! However PS3 and XBox 360 doesn't really have many differences with their brethren except the upgraded visuals and same old recycled game titles so I'm rooting for innovation. There's so much thing to discover with Wii, there's a whole lot of new games to explore especially Zelda, and yeah, playing tennis with the Wiimote and nunchuk sounds so much fun. Besides, Captain Jack Sparrow hates PS3 blu-ray technology, if you know what I mean.

5) Kaizar and Nubhan AF6 - What? No! We don't look a like for God's sake! Stop comparing us! The most reasonable explanation not to is, I am half-Chinese, half-Melanau from Brunei, and he's a pure Malay from Negeri Sembilan. Other than that, I work behind the scene, and he's in front of the camera. So big differences there man. Go figure it out.

Et cetera: I planned to install Mac OS Leopard into my PC but I have to ditch it because my PC is powered by AMD. I also wish to try Linux someday. Windows vs Mac vs Linux + AMD vs Intel. The second wat shall continue. Next plan: buy an upgraded Asus EEE PC. Your wish is my command!

Out of topic story: MC today. Flu. And mentally hol. (Second MC after 5th April)


  1. good comparison...
    what i like the most is comparison between u and nubhan...
    u have to deal with it bud...

  2. omg!don't say u agree with the crowd are two very different look and attitude yo!hehe..

  3. u are not like him. you don't have anything in common with nubhan!!

    p/s: except maybe the fact that i'm in love with both of you..hehe :p

  4. huhu... at least he sing better than i do.:P