I'm not going to forward it anymore but I'm going to do my obligation by answering the tags. Here we go:

Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented
*Dimensional Door (so I can go anywhere, anytime) *Poket Doraemon (childish dream that sometimes come and go through my thought) *Pocket-sized all-in-one technology device powered by energy from body heat (ALL-IN-ONE OK!) *Real living robot partner (for a loner like me...)
Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented
*Guns (why use guns? killing from a distance is boring) *Briefs (it kills sperms) *Cars (environment destroyer; support public transportation) *Paper money (the most stupid invention. gold should be world currency)
Name 3 Things I do not know about you
*I killed someone (be afraid...be very afraid) *I enjoy violence thoughts (hear me roar) *I have multiple personalities (or should we call it disorder?)
Name 5 Snacks you enjoy
*Oreo (i have a special cookie jar just for oreo) *Cream-O (right, Oreo done alternative) *Cadbury (obviously Black Forest) *Kit-Kat (i was born a kit-kat lover) *Keropok Tesco (so cheap yet so addictive)



  1. OMG! u killed sumone? takutnye I. hehehe

  2. diana, i'm just joking. but that one a cold joke la. hehe... rest assure that i'm totally sane.

  3. multiple identities? killed someone? violent thoughts? hurmf, doesn't sound very good

  4. that's me then, a "doesn't sound very good" guy...hehe...