10,000 BC the RPG movie

I know I'm a lil bit too late to watch this movie, heck it's been 3 months since this movie was out! Well, the movie reminds me of Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson but Apocalypto is a better movie hands down. Both of them are about the merging of civilizations and beliefs in prophecies. Just don't expect this movie to be an epic prehistoric movie because it's not. It is more like an RPG game with totally imaginative settings and events with some strategy elements sprinkled in.

Luckily I'm a gamer and as a gamer we can tolerate the lack of realism in the movie such as snowy mountain, jungle and sandy desert can be travelled in such a short period. The tribe can speak English and even got a translator, a TRANSLATOR! Wow! And the dinosaur-like birds (carnivorous ostriches?) are totally Jurassic Park rip-off, just to pump out more action. The fact that the tribe lives in a snow-covered mountain top without food available except for the last hunt is also just a staging drama. The forced "romance" and the supposedly rousing speeches in the movie were so annoying.

It's cool that the tribes referred the ships as "birds", the originality is there for a moment. Also when they use the North Star as guidance to the head of the "snake". I like the rise of the slave rebellion, the merge of various tribes to fight the evil civilization but I was hoping for a better war tactic. I totally approve when they finally believes "no human is god", it felt evangelical for a while. I thought the "Almighty" character should at least add some twist into the story, like he is actually the hero's father but no explanation given about the character. He just died the way Xerxes in 300 should actually die.

Rather than titled "10,000 BC", this Jurassic Park + 300 movie should be titled "The Hunter" and focusing more on building the character of The Hunter himself. I would suggest kids not to watch this historically inaccurate movie as it will lead them into believing that tamed mammooths built the pyramids.

footnote: D'Leh spelled backward is Held, means Hero in German.


  1. hehe...the elements are all there tapi sayang direction yang teruk

  2. and the only saving grace is Old Mother..lol

  3. the old mother eh? i thought the only thing that attracted me is her blue eyes... hehehe