Spot the Apples

Apples of my eyes - 3 Wadah Perdana Generation Reunite: Long (me), Cik and Ngah. Green, black and white; the best combination of all time. Su was busy with presidential, as always. The most common golden question (literally) brought up in every reunion, "What will we become in the future?" Me? I want to have my own company to back up my children's life.

This month is all about the Big Apple, New York! Sex and the City is finally premiered, bringing back the fabulous four fashionista. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is now available at my beloved Low Yat Plaza! My favourite? It's hard to pick out the best of the best but definitely any donut with chocolate on it! And I can't hardly wait to buy Apple's iPhone 3G! I went to Machines outlet in Lot 10 and they said the 3G version (original of course) will be available in Malaysia this December! Now that's 3 Apple in very different definition!

p/s: The Spirits is now the 3rd biggest My Heroes Ability group in Facebook! And its default city is NYC, another apple there! Yeay!

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