Bring It On

Don't laugh at me but truth be told, I've just watched Bring It On: All Or Nothing movie, for the first time ever! It's the third sequel and I haven't watch the first two movies. Huhu. I plan to keep this a secret but this movie is too good not to be shared in this blog. Luckily my family recorded this HBO movie. Though it's the edited version and not a clean editing job to justify it, but it is still enjoyable nevertheless. Watching an All-American movie while eating pizza never been so good!

The first thing that got my attention is the heroine, the most popular cheerleader ever in the world, It's Hayden Panettiere from Heroes series, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!". She's using the same handphone like mine, Nokia 6680 in the movie! Yeay! The IM language (IMYA, OMG, MYSM and there's one girl just spelled out DAMN, LOL). Beyonce's sister, Solange also starred as the Crenshaw Warriors cheerleader captain. And Rihanna! Catfights!

Although there are some part of the movie that feels out of place at times and could be improved more, but this movie deserved to be watched more than once. I'm going to look out for the first Bring It On movie!


  1. i have all four..but i think the 3rd one is the best..more real..

    the first one is kind of anticlimaxed..the 2nd one's heroine is not so gorgeous, nevertheless i think their choreography is the best.. and the third one is just wicked. the fourth one is not so fun, infact it dragged after a while..because it wasn't really about cheerleading like the other movie..

    buy the 4 in one dvd la..baru 5 ringgit..hehe :p

  2. from the four of the BRing it on, i really loves this one...more drama and so damn so in love with sierra...the 'sengal' pirate...she so damn funny la...anyway anjang...IMYSM... hell yeah!!! =)

  3. so it's my luck that i started with this movie then...hikhik...