Broadband War

The ever debatable broadband war. Currently I'm under UMobile flag after trying and testing three broadband provider so far; Maxis, Celcom and UMobile. 2 main reasons:
1) Stability - Constant connectivity unlike Maxis and Celcom always irritatingly dropped the connection or disconnected. Average speed is higher compared to the other two. The most stable to date.
2) Value - The cheapest 3.6mbps broadband provider. After 2 years contract, the RM799 modem is yours, calculatively almost priced at none because you only pay the basic RM78 per month.
Any comment on this? Would love to hear your response.
a) Soon to try Izzi and Digi.
b) Love touch technology - my laptop HP Pavilion, soon-to-own iPhone 3G, and Nintendo DS!

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