I kill my 500GB external hard drive

Headline for today's entry is not a happy one although I'm trying not to. After going back home from Port Dickson, my 500gb external hard drive is now unreadable and corrupted. It's all because I connected it to my friend's PC and his PC keep hanging so I have to pull out my HD USB cable several time without clicking the Safely Remove Hardware button. I also had switch the HD on and off several times in a short period of time. I am now scouring over the forums available in the Internet to seek advice and help for any solution and also downloading several freeware that can recover all my precious data in it before I format it back. It's currently in RAW format.
On the brighter side, I'm trying out a new Facebook game, my most favourite game franchise, Pokemon! For those who have Facebook, do pet my pokemon using this url:
Not only my Pokemon will be loyal to me, you will also get Poke-Bucks for petting it! Currently I'm with Pikachu but after I open up all available Pokemons, I'm going to change it! Maybe Eevee... Hmmm...

Currently I'm addicted to Google Maps. I'm trying my best to pinpoint all my memorable places! But I need my mum's help to pinpoint all the important locations in Brunei. Would certainly get back to her for that. Hehe... Oh how I really fall in love with Google all over again. My Google Maps link click HERE

One more thing, I am now all over places in http://forum.lowyat.net ! You can find me mostly at Celcom Broadband thread, and I'm also hunting out for PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nokia N95 8GB, iPod Touch, and iPhone! I have just joining thread on repairing damaged hard drive.

p/s: I'm moving out from Safari browser to Mozilla Firefox 3.0. Next updates: Malay Melodrama and creating new blog for updates on my new novel!


  1. nih kes mcm my fren's ext hardrive yg i slalu guna dulu...slalu corrupt.sabar2 kn diri je la...

  2. slalu corrupt but then ok ek?but in this case i think my ext tak ok2 kut... huhu

    1) Run chkdsk (drive letter): [result:failed]
    2) Download, crack and use software to scan and recover (Stellar Phoenix, GetDataBack, Zero Assumption Recovery, R-Studio, Restorer2000 Pro, Activ@, Recuva, Nukleus Kernel, Virtual Lab) [status:still trying]
    3) Open external hard drive casing and install hard drive into PC [pro&con:void the warranty, but what use is the warranty if it's already corrupted]
    4) Send to shop [con:cost hundreds if not thousands]
    5) Format and let it go [the saddest ending]

    1)Make partition so at least if one partition is corrupted, the other one can still be used.
    2) Never pull out the USB cable without clicking "Safely Remove Hardware"
    3) Never switching it on and off in a short period of time
    4) No physical attack: shoot, drop, burn, slam, hit, any agressive stances.
    5) Repeat the mantra: BACK-UP

  5. slalu corrupt
    n xok2
    pastuh dh lama2 die jual je
    everytimeext hdd tuh wat hal
    format je
    agaknya die dh backup data kot