Sci-Fi Double Pleasure: Wall-E & Meet Dave

(Cute nyer bench Wall-E dan Eve di Pavilion) Semalam selesai menonton Wall-E bersama adik-adik memang syiok. Wall-E sebuah robot pembersih sampah yang tinggal sendirian di atas planet Bumi bertemankan hanya seekor lipas. Manusia telah melarikan diri ke angkasa menaiki kapal angkasa Axiom kerana persekitaran Bumi yang telah tercemar. 700 tahun kemudian, Eve ditugaskan untuk menentukan samada persekitaran Bumi sudah sesuai untuk didiami manusia. Pertemuan antara Wall-E dan Eve sangat membuai perasaan sehinggakan Wall-E sanggup berpaut pada kapal angkasa yang membawa Eve kembali ke kapal induk Axiom bertemu kapten menunjukkan penemuannya. Pada era itu, semua manusia telah menjadi gemuk dan hanya bergantung kepada pod automatik masing-masing. Di atas kapal angkasa pelbagai perkara terjadi terhadap mereka. Robot bertindak melawan manusia. Di akhir cerita manusia berjaya kembali ke Bumi dan membina koloni yang baru. Wall-E dan Eve hidup bahagia. (Add-on: Bunyi startup Wall-E sebijik macam bunyi startup Mac OS Leopard. Cayalah punyer promo)
Dan pagi tadi selesai menonton Meet Dave. Satu lagi cerita menarik yang tidak boleh ketinggalan. Kisah sebuah kapal angkasa berbentuk manusia yang turun ke Bumi untuk mendapatkan kembali sebiji orb yang berupaya menyerap air seluruh Bumi. Namun setelah berjumpa seorang budak yang secara kebetulan terjumpa orb tersebut, kapten dan anak-anak kapal angkasa tersebut mula mengeksplorasi personaliti diri sendiri.

Konklusinya, kedua-dua cerita sci-fi ini menjelaskan kepada kita betapa pentingnya menjaga alam sekitar. Pesanan khidmat masyarakat ini ditaja oleh Syarikat Dewa-Dewi Vista Sdn Bhd Hehe...

Sooraya Qadir X-Men

It amazed me to find out about this female Muslim action hero in X-Men. Her real name is Sooraya Qadir from Afghanistan, found by Wolverine in a slaver's camp. She donned a special-made traditional garb (hijab) and abaya. Her ability is to turn into dust that can produce sandstorm ripping through steel and flesh. In dust form, only Jean Grey can detect her existence. Google "Dust X-Men" for more info on her.And replying back Diana's blog entry on "Makan-Makan" Hehe... I'm getting more Big Apple Donuts & Coffee after this. Yezzar! (But still slim & lite as ever... just like my dear PSP! Huhu...

Hancock Rocks!

After postponing several outings, tonight I've finally had the opportunity to watch Hancock although I have to travel from Times Square to Pavilion then back to The Mines just to get a decent seat (But I would still prefer the comfortable seat of Pavilion's GSC... or is it TGV coz I always get confused between these two. For me, both are just cinemas) It has been almost a month since I edited the making of this movie that enticed me to watch it. The first half of the movie is almost what you saw from the trailer, that Hancock is a kind of a loser with superhuman powers.
But then, after he met Mary, the PR's wife, that's where the real story started. It wasn't me if there are no spoilers so considered yourself warned to continue your reading. Upon observing over Mary's reaction towards Hancock, I've made several guesses, that Mary is also one of his kind and that she is his lover, which turns out to be right. The battle between both Mary and Hancock was absolutely cinematic. While Hancock hates to be called "asshole", Mary's curse word is "crazy". And the most memorable scene in the film is when Hancock decided to leave Mary while he is badly injured so that both of them will stay alive because if they are close to each other, their powers will weaken and they will become mortal. One of the best twisted love story!

I would love to see more from Hancock universe. I wonder if there are actually more from their kind survived. And I wonder how they actually existed on Earth. And anything about their past would be interesting. And also, what will happen after Ray dies because Mary is immortal. Will she rekindles her love with Hancock? And what are their real names? So many questions left unanswered, this would truly means sequels!

Next: Wanted, Dark Knight, Hellboy II, Sepi, Ayat-ayat Cinta, Wall E (pirated DVD of Wall E is already out at Kotaraya). Click here to read The Best and Worst Movies of 2008 Mid-Year Report from Movie Blog.

Tekken PSP Curse

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is the best PSP game - both for single player and multiplayer. Currently I'm using Eddy Gordon to progress in Tekken Dojo. Love that 3-times kickcopter! Just make sure you stay away from me when I'm playing the game because I will keep cursing and tend to get agressive (even on the phone)! I know I'm too late to get excited on this game but a good game never dies and as the saying goes, "Better late than never!"

My Heroes Abilities: Future Plans

It's been a month I've been evading from thrusting into MHA world but now I'm back. The first move I made is traveling from New York to Las Vegas. New York is a place for newbies and certainly not for a level 60++ hero like me! And now I'm making decent power levelling! Oh yeah! Gracias KO exp sharing! And more items in HVS Pharmacy and, Fight Club scene!MHA developers have also create future plans for our beloved MHA which could be found here:

Why PSP is my most powerful gaming gadget?

I have PS2 (soon PS3), PC and PSP. I have not own Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS Lite and XBox 360 yet. Currently, PSP is my best gaming buddy for three main reasons. Firstly because it's the most portable multimedia device and great for a handheld gaming especially multiplayer with my friends, Cliff and Jojie. Second, because I have 8GB Memory Stick Duo, I can put many games into it as easy as drag & drop & delete, and I don't have to install, uninstall and reinstall like I do with PC. I'm not good at finishing PC games with some exceptional Reflexive Arcade games. Third, I can connect it to TV with component cable and play it on big screen, though the visual is not as good as PS3, I can bring the game with me anywhere, anytime to continue. The only near-finished PS2 games I played were Final Fantasy X, Katamari Damacy and Virtua Fighter 4. I have cured my addiction with Facebook games, PS2 and PC.

Sex and the City Movie Review (corrected: Spoilers!)

Alas, I've watched my most anticipated movie (years before the movie was filmed) after several grueling weeks passed me by (Thanks Bella for the DVD) It's a perfect reunion movie! It shocked me that the glamorous wedding between Carrie and Mr Big did not went as planned (spoiler...), that Samantha had to broke up with her flawless boyfriend, that the movie has too many nudity it can be classified as soft porn, and the fact that I felt not sleepy at all watching the two and a half hour movie! And the other two less interesting storylines, Miranda got some problems with her husband, obviously about sex, but made up with him at the end, and Charlotte finally gave birth to a daughter.Between travelling from New York to Mexico to Malibu LA, Vogue magazine cover photoshoot, branded bridal gowns and shoes, Manhattan uptown and downtown real estates, various sex positions, new hair colour for Carrie, and spanned over several celebrations, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day (I assumed the film started in September), it's all in the name of labels and love. Overall, very entertaining and did give me a glimpse of my own life (O_o) Now, if only I could find successful 40s beauties going 50s just like them... Or is it just me, got "Carried" away!

The bookworm is back!

Woah! (Celcom's signature "Woah!") It's been a long time I haven't update this blog after the hard drive crash and burn. And now with the newborn PSP Slim, I'm taking a long time to babysit it. (Will certainly pose with my newborn baby next!) I don't even have time to update all my Facebook games; My Heroes Abilities, Defence of the Ancients, Send Pokemon, My City and Battle Stations. I'm already level 45 in Battle Stations and I'm thinking of upgrading my ship and found this guide to be very valuable to me: Facebook Battle Stations Guide and Battle Stations Wiki. And Scrabulous? Not my cup of tea.

I have just finish reading "Kitab Nilam Sari" by A. Rahmat during my journey to PD. The book has  a religious theme, talking about 4 kitab (or bibles) and only one of them is true, which is the Kitab Nilam Sari itself. There's also a bit of Harry Potter in the book. For a quick reading, go to this link: And for the publication website, visit here: KarnaDya Solutions. My  next reading would be "Takluk Jagat - Bisikan Ariasha". You can visit the author's blog here: The novel's artwork can be found here: And here are some comments on the book: First comment and Second comment. Most of the comments pointed out the similarities between the book and Lord of the Rings. I will give a comprehensive reviews on both books after I finished reading the latter. However, I'm still not in the mood to read anything space-related. Maybe I've lost interest at the moment. The bookworm is back!

Menarik Nafas Lega~~~

Alhamdulillah semua 300gb data dalam 500gb external hard disk berjaya dipindahkan dan ia telah diformat semula. Harap-harap tidak akan berulang lagi. Akan lebih berhati-hati menggunakannya lain kali. Seperti yang dijanjikan tips untuk mengelakkan kejadian ini berlaku semula dan langkah-langkah yang diambil sekiranya berlaku.

1) Jangan terus menarik USB cable external hard disk dari PC. Gunakan "Safely Remove Hardware"
2) Buat partition untuk external hard disk.
3) Jangan switch on dan off external hard disk berulang kali dalam selang masa yang pendek.
4) Sentiasa back-up data ke dalam DVD

1) Pertama, gunakan command chkdsk diikuti drive letter, contoh "chkdsk a:" tanpa pembuka dan penutup kata. Jika gagal, ke langkah 2
2) Gunakan software data recovery yang boleh dipercayai untuk scan dan recover data dari external hard disk. (Kaizar menggunakan R-Studio dengan crack) Contoh lain ialah Stellar Phoenix, GetDataBack, Zero Assumption Recovery, Restorer2000 Pro, Activ@, Recuva, Nukleus Kernel, Virtual Lab. Jika gagal, ke langkah 3
3) Buka casing external hard disk dan pasang terus ke PC menggunakan SATA/IDE cable. Jika gagal, ke langkah 4
4) Hantar kedai dan bersedia untuk menerima bil yang tinggi demi data-data tercinta ATAU
5) Format saja dan biarkan data-data berlalu pergi.

Setakat ni Kaizar dah berjaya ke langkah 2. Nasib baik kes dapat diselesaikan. Itupun setelah 4 hari tunggang-terbalik dan tak cukup tidur memikirkan "my baby" yang sakit.

p/s: Semalam makan Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara di BTS berdekatan gelanggang badminton (jika tidak silap) Topik perbualan di meja makan adalah Nokia vs iPhone. Memang bagus sekali-sekala menajamkan kembali skil debat yang dah lama terpendam dalam diri. Berita terkini : Nokia N96 mesti mau!