The bookworm is back!

Woah! (Celcom's signature "Woah!") It's been a long time I haven't update this blog after the hard drive crash and burn. And now with the newborn PSP Slim, I'm taking a long time to babysit it. (Will certainly pose with my newborn baby next!) I don't even have time to update all my Facebook games; My Heroes Abilities, Defence of the Ancients, Send Pokemon, My City and Battle Stations. I'm already level 45 in Battle Stations and I'm thinking of upgrading my ship and found this guide to be very valuable to me: Facebook Battle Stations Guide and Battle Stations Wiki. And Scrabulous? Not my cup of tea.

I have just finish reading "Kitab Nilam Sari" by A. Rahmat during my journey to PD. The book has  a religious theme, talking about 4 kitab (or bibles) and only one of them is true, which is the Kitab Nilam Sari itself. There's also a bit of Harry Potter in the book. For a quick reading, go to this link: And for the publication website, visit here: KarnaDya Solutions. My  next reading would be "Takluk Jagat - Bisikan Ariasha". You can visit the author's blog here: The novel's artwork can be found here: And here are some comments on the book: First comment and Second comment. Most of the comments pointed out the similarities between the book and Lord of the Rings. I will give a comprehensive reviews on both books after I finished reading the latter. However, I'm still not in the mood to read anything space-related. Maybe I've lost interest at the moment. The bookworm is back!

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