Hancock Rocks!

After postponing several outings, tonight I've finally had the opportunity to watch Hancock although I have to travel from Times Square to Pavilion then back to The Mines just to get a decent seat (But I would still prefer the comfortable seat of Pavilion's GSC... or is it TGV coz I always get confused between these two. For me, both are just cinemas) It has been almost a month since I edited the making of this movie that enticed me to watch it. The first half of the movie is almost what you saw from the trailer, that Hancock is a kind of a loser with superhuman powers.
But then, after he met Mary, the PR's wife, that's where the real story started. It wasn't me if there are no spoilers so considered yourself warned to continue your reading. Upon observing over Mary's reaction towards Hancock, I've made several guesses, that Mary is also one of his kind and that she is his lover, which turns out to be right. The battle between both Mary and Hancock was absolutely cinematic. While Hancock hates to be called "asshole", Mary's curse word is "crazy". And the most memorable scene in the film is when Hancock decided to leave Mary while he is badly injured so that both of them will stay alive because if they are close to each other, their powers will weaken and they will become mortal. One of the best twisted love story!

I would love to see more from Hancock universe. I wonder if there are actually more from their kind survived. And I wonder how they actually existed on Earth. And anything about their past would be interesting. And also, what will happen after Ray dies because Mary is immortal. Will she rekindles her love with Hancock? And what are their real names? So many questions left unanswered, this would truly means sequels!

Next: Wanted, Dark Knight, Hellboy II, Sepi, Ayat-ayat Cinta, Wall E (pirated DVD of Wall E is already out at Kotaraya). Click here to read The Best and Worst Movies of 2008 Mid-Year Report from Movie Blog.

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