Sex and the City Movie Review (corrected: Spoilers!)

Alas, I've watched my most anticipated movie (years before the movie was filmed) after several grueling weeks passed me by (Thanks Bella for the DVD) It's a perfect reunion movie! It shocked me that the glamorous wedding between Carrie and Mr Big did not went as planned (spoiler...), that Samantha had to broke up with her flawless boyfriend, that the movie has too many nudity it can be classified as soft porn, and the fact that I felt not sleepy at all watching the two and a half hour movie! And the other two less interesting storylines, Miranda got some problems with her husband, obviously about sex, but made up with him at the end, and Charlotte finally gave birth to a daughter.Between travelling from New York to Mexico to Malibu LA, Vogue magazine cover photoshoot, branded bridal gowns and shoes, Manhattan uptown and downtown real estates, various sex positions, new hair colour for Carrie, and spanned over several celebrations, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day (I assumed the film started in September), it's all in the name of labels and love. Overall, very entertaining and did give me a glimpse of my own life (O_o) Now, if only I could find successful 40s beauties going 50s just like them... Or is it just me, got "Carried" away!


  1. thanks bella! skang dvd tu kat cliff! nak tgk wall e plak! ari tu last gi kotaraya dvd da kuar. super high quality!