Why PSP is my most powerful gaming gadget?

I have PS2 (soon PS3), PC and PSP. I have not own Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS Lite and XBox 360 yet. Currently, PSP is my best gaming buddy for three main reasons. Firstly because it's the most portable multimedia device and great for a handheld gaming especially multiplayer with my friends, Cliff and Jojie. Second, because I have 8GB Memory Stick Duo, I can put many games into it as easy as drag & drop & delete, and I don't have to install, uninstall and reinstall like I do with PC. I'm not good at finishing PC games with some exceptional Reflexive Arcade games. Third, I can connect it to TV with component cable and play it on big screen, though the visual is not as good as PS3, I can bring the game with me anywhere, anytime to continue. The only near-finished PS2 games I played were Final Fantasy X, Katamari Damacy and Virtua Fighter 4. I have cured my addiction with Facebook games, PS2 and PC.


  1. u still x kuarkn psp u dr expected gadget list u (akan datang)...

  2. wah! u sgt particular to the details kan...ok jap... nak edit layout... huhu... kan da kena laser...