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I decided to change my Myspace layout from the simple and clean look to a more generic one, the "public" type of profile layout. I will try to find a new creative layout as soon as possible at least to beat up Zakri's layout (which i made myself too, "steal" to be exact)Somebody invited me into this new Facebook game "Elves Blood", an RPG so I decided to check the game myself. Will this be the new "addictive" game that I'll play religiously? We'll see about that. But it sure does have the "addictive" ingredient, the recharging stamina and life points over time just like My Heroes Ability. There is an Elder Tree where you can trade your blessings to replenish life points, stamina, generate gold or add an NPC party member (a fairy). In the game you are to complete certain quests and for each quest you need certain requirements. The target of the game is to be among the Legendary Elves, be it the Bloodiest (players with the highest level, currently the highest is 72), the Deadliest (players with the most Wins), the Wealthiest (as the title goes, players with the most gold) and the Famous (player with the most party members). I like ranks! For other review on Elven Blood from Cubizens: CLICK HERE
To get through Garden of Eden Maze, you need to go East, North, West, North, East.
To get through
Nidavellir Mines,
1) Map to Sindra, go North, East, North, North, East, East, North
2) Map to Ballor, go North, North, East, North, North

You can check out this two links for Elven Blood maps: Elven Blood Journeys from elvenguide.com and Elven Blood Info. And this is a full map courtesy of elvenguide.com: Elven Blood Journeys (click to enlarge)


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