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I've just read an article about Top 5 Lamest Pokemon from, so wanna share it with you readers. I always love Pokemon, Gotta Catch Em All! For full article, CLICK HERE.
5) Unown - The "Gimmick" Pokemon - only good for collections
4) Beautifly - The "Generic Copy" Pokemon - a Butterfree clone
3) Luvdisc - The "Filler Class" Pokemon - an afterthought design
2) Probopass - The "Clever Design Gone Terribly Wrong" Pokemon - ugly evolution of Nosepass, based on Easter Island Moai statues
1) Mr Mime - The "What Were They Thinking" Pokemon - the most bizarre and terrifying Pokemon of them all, like Jynx, the infamous "black-faced" Pokemon.

Another interesting article that grab my attention is about video games addiction. What is the border between hobby and habit? When doing something we enjoy, how much is too much? What I can summarize from the article is that play mechanic foster obsessive behavior and addiction that makes a good game so hard to put down. Addiction is on an individual basis, not the result of a substance or an activity. Addiction happens when it interferes with your social life, psychological life and physical well-being, the inability to effectively balance your life. The article reminds me of my university thesis about the effects of video games on Malaysian teenagers. For the full article, CLICK HERE.

And, a video of an XXX Spore creature. OMG! Who's the creator? Link CLICK HERE

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