Gossip Girl And Heroes Are Back!

OMG! I finally got Heroes season 3 episode 1 & 2 AND Gossip Girl Season 2 episode 1 - 4 movie files from Achtung! Thanks bangat Achtung! The best part is, we watched Gossip Girl season premiere together and shared our own dirty little secrets while watching it! Classic! In Gossip Girl (spoilers!), new characters, a Lord and a Dutchess from Britain are introduced, Dan and Serena were officially break-up, and Serena van der Woodsen are the new queen bee of the high school, dethroning Blair Waldorf. Love getting more complex than ever, more difficult than just a love triangle. There are also more sex scenes so be ready to get wet! Haha! In Heroes, expect new characters with more powerful abilities and time-travelling were making huge changes in Heroes history. What's more, Sylar has gained regeneration ability from Claire! And WHO exactly is Sylar's mother? Watch out Heroes & Villains alike!

Thanks for the Raya wishes from all my friends! I prayed to God that all of you have the joyous and wonderful celebration with your family!

p/s: Kiraan statistik terkini penerimaan SMS raya: 35 SMS (Sekarang dah tak main kad raya kan? Semuanya sistem mesej singkat je kalau tak pun kad online. Hehe.)

Stacy & Nubhan - Ada Cinta di Hari Raya - Indera

Tetiba aku berminat nak blog tentang Stacy & Nubhan setelah sekian lama meninggalkan demam AF. I'm not fanatic. But disebabkan adanya drama "Ada Cinta Di Hari Raya" yang akan disiarkan oleh Astro di Syawal ini (mengambil populariti lagu "Ada Cinta" yang dinyanyikan oleh mereka dalam salah satu konsert AF yang lepas), so aku pun Google lagu tema ni dan dapat lah kat jiwang.org. First2 dengar lagu ni aku rasa funny but as I warmed up listening to the song, barulah aku boleh accept kombinasi dua penyanyi berbeza etnik tapi sama hati. But still, the video clip macam takde keserasian. Mungkinkah hanya kerana ia suatu drama swasta? Dalam Google2 itu aku found out this two blogs on Stacy & Nubhan fanatics, http://sabunfc.blogspot.com dan http://abgmanz360.blogspot.com. Rupa-rupanya pasangan comel-lote itu dipanggil SABUN! Dirty thought!

p/s: Argh! Nak kena cari masa plak nak update links to the all-new blog list! Time check!

City of Blood: Tokyo Subway

Because of my carelessness, I've been confused by Tokyo Subways. After checking my character sheet, I found out that I haven't get the Tokyo Subways map. D'oh. I'm gonna update on the City of Blood mission in Japan and Skies of Blood mission at the Crash Site; but after I get back from work! :) Till then, voila!

Sorry for the late update. Here's a small tip to get around Japan! So finally you arrived at Shinjuku, Japan! Here you can only get Tokyo Subway by searching the pedestrians and Shurikens from engaging the street punks. Firstly you have to go to Akihabara and get Polycarbonate Armor, Dragon Slash Skill and the Mini Laptop. These are all the things you needed for later use. Then go back to Shinjuku and be ready to take the subways. At the subway, get the designer bag from woman passengers. To go to Kabukicho district, the first subway you need to take is BLUE, then RED and lastly GREEN. At Kabukicho district, get the Katana by battling the Yakuza crew. Then, go straight to Yokohama by taking the GREEN subway, then BLUE, and finally RED to reach there. At Yokohama, pillage the Chinatown shops for Sake Bottle, track down the Yakuza gang to get Razor Claw and cut off your fingers (literally) to get "cut finger".

Now that you have all the required items for the second phase of Japan mission, go back to Shinjuku for the last time to get Black Dragon tattoo. Take the subway to Kabuki (BLUE > RED > GREEN), and get Yakuza meeting time. Then, go to Yokohama for the last time (GREEN > BLUE > RED) and hack the ferris wheel clock to get "Midnight Hack". Say goodbye to Yokohama and take the subway back to Kabuki (RED > BLUE > GREEN). Finally you can enter the Ryuujin Izakaya bar to get the Highland bus ticket to go to Mount Fuji base! Good luck for your journey in Japan!

Spore Final Note: A Wish List for Future Spore

Highlighted are top priorities:
- Underwater creatures (confirmed for first expansion)
- Flora editor (confirmed for first expansion)
- Hut editor (more customization can't hurt)
- Planet editor/ Star system editor
- Mountable wild creatures
- Seamless transition between stages, currently they felt disconnected with each other
- More robust trade system i.e. Space Ranger, Tradewinds. Because I think trading is one of the fascinating element in a space game.
- Easier mission track system, not limited to only three; perhaps a special bar on the left screen that list down all the missions that can be minimized at will instead of having to frequently check mission log. Everytime you highlight a mission, the star system will blink. Or better, automatically chart the shortest flying distance to the mission when clicking a mission.
- Space ships fleet that can be commanded
- Army to defend homeworld (Or decrease annoying pirate raids, biodisasters and enemy attacks from disturbing your space adventure). If not, add a portal machine to easily travel back and fro to your homeworld and current location. i.e. in Diablo. Easier space travel, and decrease dependable on homeworld to repair and refuel.
- More mission types in space stage: bounty hunter, passenger transportation, travelling agency
- Make conquering the whole the ultimate goal. Award player with more titles, increase income per second to buy more expensive technology.
- More intelligent AI like other civilizations offer to buy your system, declare war
- Research to upgrade stuff instead of unlocking them
- More universe phenomenon: Supernova, Meteorites
- You get to choose what creatures to appear in your game
- More terraforming colors
- Instead of mating, symbiotic relation with other species to create new species that randomize genetic inheritance from both creatures like in The Sims 2
- Themed creations: Categorize the same design of each creations under one theme

Will Wright Interview Highlights from IGN

IGN: We've heard players might be able to create underwater creatures.

Will Wright: That's actually one of those aspects of the game that's right on the cusp of being cutout. We'll have to see if it makes it in. You start out underwater, at the molecular level, so it's just a matter of whether or not you're forced out and onto land.

IGN: Are all these different 'games' you're talking about integrated seamlessly within the Spore experience?

Will Wright: Right now, the entire game is playable. All the levels are playable. And the editors are kind of ahead of the gameplay. We have the editors in a real nice state right now. But it's as seamless as we've been hoping, yeah.

Kaizar: Seems like Will Wright himself acknowledge that the entire game is not that "seamless" after all.

Spore After Play View

After playing certain games, I always think how to improve the game and make it better. Spore is one of them. It's been almost four to five years in the making, and I, including all gamers out there, were so excited with big hype surrounding the game since it was first announced. We frequently read the previews, watch the trailers, and if only we could stalk the game creators to get sneak peek on it, we would but that would be too far. But when it came out, it didn't meet the expectation. Perhaps, we put too much expectation on it or perhaps the game has been so commercialized in order to fit to other game platforms that it lost its depth. Now that Maxis had successfully transform the game into a very friendly game towards casual gamers and kids around the world, it's time for them to pay attention to the real players, the gamers themselves.

The most critical point is that the five levels felt disconnected to each other, making them into five different shallow mini games. My suggestion is to kill off the cell stage. Yes, you can skip the stage, but you will lose the consequence ability inherited from the stage. Gamers are forced to play the stage whether they enjoy it or not. At first, it is fun to play as a 2D cell, but after a while, it will be a mundane task and boring. It lost its charm and most importantly, fun factor. Even more, the level doesn't quite fit with the later stages; especially during space stage, you no longer meet the cell stage. Perhaps the developer intended to include the stage for commercial reason but somehow, even the casual gamer would find the stage to be repetitive. The game would be better starting with the creature stage where players can create their creature from scratch. They don't have to look out for body parts, instead, the species mate with other species and create new species. Why do we have to stick to Darwin theory if we could create a new one? It's a game after all and game should be fun, not having to find all the body parts and ended up being a repetitive task. And if you don't like the look of your new merged species, you can still modify it with creature creator.

And then, instead of evolving to tribal stage (and waiting for the loading screen,) why don't we give the creature the power to recruit its own tribe members (but of course must be the same species) You can create your own tribe hut building. And as your tribe grow bigger and learn to use different tools, they phased into civilization stage, still without resorting to loading screen. This is what we call seamless boundaries between levels, and the difference is your map become bigger, and your creature starts to learn language and all. And it wouldn't hurt if Spore include technology tree (as in the history line provided but with more options) towards space stage. In civilization stage, your creature starts to rely on vehicles. Instead of relying on socializing and combat, your creature can start learning skills in economy, belief system (religion) and military. Such as in economy, your creature can start honing the skills by barter system, then use Sporebuck, then build a market and lastly trade routes between tribes. These three should be the continuous core of each stage instead of singing, dancing, posing and charming like retarded creatures. The socializing part was fun at the beginning, but after second and third play, it became redundant and felt like an afterthought elements thrown into the game.

When the civilization successfully research space ship, they move to space stage. Maybe limiting the player with only one space ship has its own reasons, but why not give the players the options to create a fleet of space ships to conquer the whole universe. A good way to limit space ships is by depending on the species' empire size. To ensure the continuity with the stages before, your fleet can either be religious, military and economy. This would make sure that the gamer will not feel that they are playing five different games but instead a game that grew larger yet deeper by each stages. The missions in space stage should be improved to. The species should be able to enslave other nations, get taxes from them, adding illegal commodity into the trade market. A neat stat sheet would be nice too, so you could see how much Sporebucks you accumulate from you spice nodes, how many percentage of the galaxy you had conquered.

And instead of focusing the goal of the space stage to go to the center of the galaxy, the gamers should be given the option to conquer the whole galaxy. And after that, they can continue playing the same galaxy by creating another creature to crumple down their previous creature that had conquered the whole galaxy. It would be fascinating to see how your new creature along with other creatures rebel on your own previous creature that successfully conquer them at the first place. But of course after conquering the galaxy for the first time, some sort of acknowledgment should be given to award the player. This is karma.

Spore Mid Play View

Spore is the CRAZIEST game ever created in this whole world, perhaps can never be created the same way by anyone other than Will Wright himself. Why? Because Spore galaxy is EXTREMELY SUPER HUGE! It is also freeform and playing it requires infinity. True to his word, Spore is an offline MMORPG. It has thousands of star systems, millions of planets and trillions of living creatures and vehicles; each one of them is uniquely different from the others. And that's just in one save game. When you play another new game, that's completely a different galaxy with a whole new star systems, planets, creatures and vehicles. They are all randomly created and mix-match of different parts and modifications that not one of them is the same. This game is totally not for a perfectionist because they will freak out with all the star systems that need to be colonized and conquered, let alone rare sets to be found scattered around the whole galaxy. Yes, you can complete the space stage by filling up the green bar at the game user interface and your end goal is to reach the center of the galaxy, but when you have the whole galaxy to play with, why would you finish a brilliant game just like that? So if you decide to do so (the conquering thing I mean), make sure you create a creature that you will love to see for the whole space adventure and planned its consequence abilities for space stage use at the beginning of the game, because once you step into the space stage, you no longer can modify them except for their clothing, buildings and vehicles.

But still the game could use some improvements. Perhaps an expansion could improve the mission tracker system by adding a search engine as in Space Rangers that made locating a specific thing in the game easier, upgrade the trading system by including tracker that let you know highs and lows of the trade, include a useful news network as in Space Ranger game that give you tips on "buy low, sell high" locations, and settle the annoying problem with camera control that change itself in different stages. And, perhaps enabling you to be an underwater creature, building civilizations in the sea, thus creating a whole new gameplay based on it.

p/s: After googling for Spore expansion, I learnt taht the expansion will include underwater creatures and flora editor but no more than that have been spilled out. Stay tune.

Elven Blood: Dear Friends...

Yoohoo, this is REALLY what friends for; attacking you in an online game and looted your hard-earned cash. Very the "kawan makan kawan" kan? Hehehe... Well, it's a dog eat dog world after all. It's my mistake earlier for selling off some of the weapons and armors (But I'm crying inside...) I will get my revenge someday! Yeehaa!

p/s: I'm also busy playing Spore, Unreal Tournament 3, The Sims 2 (with all the expansion packs installed), Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. I've abandoned my PSP for quite some time now. Huhu...

City of Blood: Welcome to France!

The latest update for City of Blood game has a very complex and confusing missions which required you to travel a lot. When you first arrived at France from Florence, you need to rob the city residents to get Moulin Rouge flier and ride the carousel to get carousel season pass. Then, go to Champs-Elysees and assault the police spy to get Nightvision Googles. Go to Notre Dame and hunt diseased pigeons to get Diseased Bird Juice then go to Moulin Rouge using the Moulin Rouge flier that you obtained at Eiffel Tower. At Moulin Rogue, subdue the backup dancers to get Wrist Blade then use the wrist blade and take hostage the lead dancer to get Cabaret Girl. Auction off Head of David to get $5000 cash.

Next go to Louvre Museum and disarm the guards to get Exoskeleton Armor. Use Nightvision Googles to assassinate the guard captain to receive Headshot Skill. Go back to Champs-Elysees, and reconnaissance at the cafe to get dinner reservations. Go to Le Jules Verne Restaurant via Eiffel Tower and use both cabaret girl and dinner reservations to get Chateau Margaux, then use both Diseased Bird Juice and Chateau Margaux to get Museum Card Key. Now that you have the Museum Card Key, go back to Eiffel Tower>Champs Elysees>Louvre Museum, and steal the Venus de Milo. Go to Moulin Rouge, and auction off the statue to get redeye homing RPG. Use the weapon together with the exoskeleton armor you get earlier to blow down the news chopper at the Eiffel Tower (via Champs-Elysees), and you will get the news helicopter. Now go back to Notre Dame (via Champs-Elysees) and use the news helicopter to retrieve the Notre Dame gargoyle. Go to Moulin Rouge and trade the gargoyle with armor-piercing bullets. Go to Louvre Museum and use the bullets to steal the Mona Lisa. Finally, now that you have Mona Lisa and the news helicopter, you can retreat to London from Eiffel Tower.

p/s: In Elven Blood, I'm on the last three stages of Hell. I'm still trying to reach level 58 in Blood Lust in order to venture deeper into the Gates of Hell. And in Skies of Blood, you can found Dynasty Gun at the Armory's shop.

Spore First Play View

Have you ever played an RPG that asked you a bunch of questions at the beginning of the game to determine your personalities and characteristics that will affect your whole adventure? The first four stages of Spore are just like that, but instead of questions, Spore gives you mini games to be completed. You begin with Cell Stage which plays like "Feeding Frenzy" (a Reflexive Arcade game), you keep eating smaller thing than you to grow up. You can attach your cell with different mouth to determine its diet (filter, jaw, proboscis), weapon to protect it from other cells (spike, poison, electric), movement parts to speed up your cell (flagella, cilia, jet) and different eyes (beady, stalk, button) which is a must if you don't want your cell to live in the dark. What you eat will determine either you are Herbivore (eating only green algae), Carnivore (eating red cracked egg shells) or Omnivore (eating both) that will open up special ability for each diet.

After collecting enough DNA points, you move to Creature Stage, where your 2D cell grew legs and surfaced to the land. You have to collect body parts hidden in skeletal remains scattered around you; and by mating with your own species, you can modify your creature. Each body parts will affect your social or combat action levels. Some of the body parts give you special movements like Jump, Sprint, Sneak or Glide. You can interact with other nests by either socializing with them using social actions like Sing, Dance, Charm or Pose which plays like "Simon Says"; or combat them using Strike, Charge, Spit and Bite. This is the last stage to modify your creature. The choices between socializing and combating in this kiddie-RPG stage will determine either you are Predator, Adaptable or Social in the later stage.

When the DNA bar is full, you enter Tribal Stage. It's a larger scale of Creature Stage, instead of controlling one creature, you are now controlling a tribe. You still need to either socialize or attack the other species to go to the next stage. You can dress up your tribe using different piece of clothes. After you befriend or eliminate other tribes, you will unlock different types of buildings to be built near your main hut. These buildings will give you special tools to either socialize or attack other tribes and also to gather food, the only resource you need to worry about. The actions you take in this base-building stage will determine either you are Agressive, Industrious, or Friendly in the fourth stage.

Next, you move to Civilization Stage. Now you have to dominate the whole planet by capturing other cities by force, conversion or buying them. Capturing spice nodes will generate your revenue. You are also given land, air and water vehicles to play with. You build houses to support larger military, factories to generate revenue but cause unhappiness and entertainment complexes to boost happiness in each of your cities. To socialize, you can open trade route or make alliance with other species and to attack, you just have to build a large army of land, water or air units to conquer other cities. In this small-scale RTS, you can specialize each city to be Military, Economic or Religious.

Finishing those early four stages will bring you to the real meat of the game, the ultimate destination, the Space Stage. In this stage you control a spacecraft. The combination of the consequences of your first four stage will finally determine either you are a Bard, Ecologist, Zealot, Diplomat, Scientist, Trader, Shaman, Warrior, or Knight. Each of this class gives you special ability that will help you in your space adventure. If you start the game at this stage, you will be a Wanderer with no specialty ,so playing from the start has its advantage. In this space stage, the first thing that will make you awe is the HUGE scope of the Spore galaxy (which shaped like our own Milky Way, that also explains the Spore logo). You begins with a homeworld planet, and by zooming out, you can see the system you are in, complete with other planets that you can visit. Zoom out again, and you can see the whole galaxy full with trillions star systems. If you can see it, you can go there. And each star systems has their own planets, and you can enter them. Each of these planets are uniquely different in term of atmosphere, ecosystem, species, and the stages they are currently in.

You start with a mission given by your home planet, but after you make your first contact with other space faring species, you will open access to a whole lot of missions. This stage plays like "Space Rangers", my most favourite space game, but with more substances (You know how I really love space games :) You can attack other species but it is not advisable because it's really an exhaustive campaign. But if you are truly into the challenge, then why not, wage a war against a species and let them be extinct! You can also terraform the planets to support life, colonize it to extend your empire, abduct other species or plants from different planets, help other species from extinction by a deadly virus, chase off pirate ships, make alliance with other species, open trade routes, collecting rare stuffs and earn badges. There are a lot to do in Spore universe!

All in all, Spore lets you modify everything, from creature, buildings, vehicles to planets itself; and you can share your designs with other players. It also produce the best sounds that will keep you engage with the game. The creatures also reacts wonderfully for different events. However, most of the game elements are repetitive, and some missions are not balanced. Though it's not what I expect it to be after almost two years of waiting, I got hooked at it on the first day I played it in one seat. And I still have the whole galaxy to conquer!

p/s: Reading game reviews BEFORE and AFTER playing the game truly gave me different feeling :)

Skies of Blood - Space Station Halls

New puzzle to be solved in Skies of Blood! At the Space Station Halls, you must go to Zeon Control (the blue dot) first to get System Error before you can proceed to Bridge Room (the green dot) The direction to take would be Go North, East, North, North, East, East and North. After you get the System Error; go back to Space Station Halls then go West, West, South, West, North, and North to proceed to Bridge Room. Enjoy your trip!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I really appreciate a compliment like this. It really motivates me to keep on blogging. Thanks bro! :)

Berbuka Puasa di Rumah Cikgu

Semalam Kaizar ke rumah Cikgu Maria bersama Seery. Sesat beberapa kali juga di Selayang sebelum sampai ke destinasi sebenar. Turut menanti kami di sana ialah Zuhaini, Aziah, Farhana, Zawawi dan adik sepupunya, . Cemburu pula mendengar dari Seery tentang reunion batch kami yang diadakan di PD tempohari yang tidak dapat aku sertai gara-gara kesibukan bekerja. Biasalah kerana kerjaku menuntut aku untuk turut meluangkan masa hari minggu bekerja. Seronok juga kadangkala berkumpul beramai-ramai seperti ini. Dapat mengimbas kembali cerita-cerita lama yang tidak pernah lekang dari kenangan dan mengingatkan kembali kepada kami siapa kami dahulunya. Semua cerita yang diimbau semalam turut menyentuh perasaan Kaizar tatkala memikirkan setakat manakah yang baru dicapai oleh Kaizar sejak keluar dari alma mater. I should work harder to achieve what I really want in life! Kami turut mengambil beberapa gambar kenangan dan yang pastinya apabila Kaizar menjadi jurugambar, pasti gambar yang menarik dan cantik akan terhasil. Hehe, angkat bakul sendiri nampak. Jadinya sekarang sedang menanti Aziah untuk muat turun gambar-gambar tersebut untuk disisipkan beserta nukilan blog kali ini!

Skies of Blood: Manhattan Rubbles

I can't find any tip on this one so I'm gonna make my own. Manhattan Rubbles in Skies of Blood on Facebook is one of the most exhausting puzzle. First you need to get a Bucket of Water from Central Park Lake. Then go to Zoe's house to save her. And finally bring her to Central Park Hospital and you can access Planetary Control after that. However the Manhattan Rubbles is a very confusing maze. Here is a simple map that I made myself, hope it could help you on your journey as well.
And to kill Kruz Dracul ultimately, you need to be at least level 50 to really hit her :)

My Blood Games Updates

On Elven Blood, I'm currently leveling up to 49 to go to the inner sanctum of rebel hideouts. On Blood Lust, I'm collecting all the rewards available before entering Dracul Halls. Finally, I have reached the end of the most current location updated in City of Blood and also Skies of Blood. The sweet smell of victory!And now that I've reached Dracul Halls, there's no other way out except to fight Kruz Dracul herself. And check out the only one item in shop. It can only recover +1 life! What?

PC Upgrade Season!

(The current top-notch video card, 9800GTX surely looks sexy, isn't she?)

Yeah! I'm planning to upgrade my PC soon! I'm looking forward to maximise the settings to play the games "just like the developers intend to". My top priorities would certainly be a new CPU and graphic card. My current motherboard is M2N-E SLI so maybe I'm going to stick with AMD although Intel Core 2 Duo is the best. Or should I change my motherboard to let say, P5N-E SLI? So I'm gonna change the CPU from 2300+ to a higher gigahertz with a reasonable price tag. And for graphic card, I'm looking forward to change my current Nvidia GeForce 8500GT to 8800GT, cheaper but powerful, or if the 9 series are cheaper, than maybe I'll go with 9800GT. But if it is possible to run my old video card simultaneously with either one of these two, so maybe I will just do that. And possibly I'm gonna add another 2GB RAM as well. So with the other peripherals, Samsung monitor, Logitech mouse, Microsoft keyboard, and Altec Lansing speaker in the team, I will rule the world, or so to speak! Next, second 24" LCD monitor!

p/s: I love white keyboard because I like playing games in the dark.

Blood Series on Facebook!

Whoa! All four Blood games on Facebook really overwhelmed me! Again, so many games yet so little time to play. They had already interfere with my sleep pattern that made me so sleepy at working hours! So now I am going to invite as many Facebook members as possible to join my Squad, My Gang, My Bloodlines and My Party! Bring it on! I'm gonna be among the Legends, Top Hunters, Top Aces and Most Wanted!Thanks to elvenguide.com, I finally got this full map of Elven Blood world! Click the above picture to enlarge it!

On the Seventh Day of Ramadhan

On the seventh day of Ramadhan
It's been a week fasting together
Watched premiere of Camp Rock Movie
On Disney Channel with the Jonas Brothers
There's a new Facebook game
With the same Elven Blood and Blood Lust template
But with different storylines it's Skies of Blood
So many clones yet so little time to play
On the seventh day of Ramadhan

Hooray! Cuti Sebulan Ramadhan!

He is going on leave for a month!
Pesannya, Selamat tinggal kawan, jangan sedih, aku cuti sebulan aja.

On the Sixth day of Ramadhan

On the sixth day of Ramadhan
I felt so bad mood today
The work was OK
But I felt sleepy the whole day
The van left earlier without me
And waiting the bus for hours at LRT station
So I reach home 3 hours late
And I still have clothes to fold
Games to be played
And broadband line crawling slower
On the sixth day of Ramadhan

On the Fifth Day of Ramadhan

On the fifth day of Ramadhan
I'm back at my crib
Doing laundry luckily it's a dry day
And blogging about two Facebook games
My favourite Pokemon and addictive Blood Lust
"Buka puasa" with Didi and his four friends
Then watch Don't Mess With The Zohan
About Israel and Arabians and sex and hatred
Gonna watch re-run of my favourite Korean drama "My Girl"
On the fifth day of Ramadhan

Pokemon Adventures on Facebook

Finally, a new Pokemon Online Game for me to write about! I've added this application last year but now it has changed from text-based game into a graphic game. Currently the game is buggy and open for beta testing only. Hopefully, the end result will be a beautiful game that all Pokemon fans around the world can enjoy and have fun! To go to the application, CLICK HERE.

Blood Lust on Facebook

Blood Lust is the Elven Blood spin-off, but instead of moonwood elves, you play from vampire hunters perspective. I'm currently playing these two games heavily and hopefully could be listed among the legendary elves and top hunters, and also finish the game.
To get through Hall of Mirrors, Go Forward 5 times.
To get through Sebha Alleys,
1)Map to bakery is Go North, East, North, North, East & South
2)Map to mechanic is Go North, East, East, East, North & North.

If you want to save stamina in Rhodenon Jungle, first go to Cave Entrance, then Waterfall to get Bucket of Water by Collecting Water. Then go to Inner Cave to Dig for Diamonds. After you get the Diamond, go to Swamp and head to Jungle Enclove to Ask for Sage's Blessings. When you have the Sage's Blessings, go to the Village to exchange Diamond with Wooden Plank. Finally go back to Jungle, then Swamp, and finally Bridge to go to Castle Dracul. Make sure you are level 41 and above :)

Wishing all of you to reach your destination safely! :)

On the Fourth Day of Ramadhan

On the fourth day of Ramadhan
I slept the whole day
It's raining outside
Went to dobby to take dad's clothes
Then buy "kurma" for "buka puasa"
It's Lisah's birthday today
So we went to buy cake for her
On the fourth day of Ramadhan

On the Third Day of Ramadhan

On the third day of Ramadhan
I went to the Mines after work
To buy a new mouse
And a freshener for my wardrobe
Looking for Unreal Tournament 2004 game
But couldn't find it anywehere it's frustrating
I felt so tired I went straight to bed
I only eat a bread and yogurt for "buka puasa"
And I forgot to put the alarm for "sahur"
On the third day of Ramadhan

On the Second Day of Ramadhan...

On the Second Day of Ramadhan...
I cannot sleep well last night
Disturbed by the noise of washing machine til morning
I went to work with a headache
Boboy bought "lauk" for us for "sahur"
Z sent me to work 10 minutes late
No handover job from last night
Forgot to withdraw money from ATM at work
Now at home with only 3 ringgits in the wallet
Luckily I got many syillings
So off I go to "buka puasa"
On the second day of ramadhan...

p/s: What will happen tomorrow?

On the 1st Day of Ramadhan...

On the first day of Ramadhan
My dad don't go to work
My mom do the laundry
My brothers playing video games
My sisters also playing video games
And me?
I overslept till noon
It's raining heavily outside
Now my mom & sisters go shopping
Leaving me, my dad and my brothers
Watching Astro watching us
On the first day of Ramadhan