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Blood Lust is the Elven Blood spin-off, but instead of moonwood elves, you play from vampire hunters perspective. I'm currently playing these two games heavily and hopefully could be listed among the legendary elves and top hunters, and also finish the game.
To get through Hall of Mirrors, Go Forward 5 times.
To get through Sebha Alleys,
1)Map to bakery is Go North, East, North, North, East & South
2)Map to mechanic is Go North, East, East, East, North & North.

If you want to save stamina in Rhodenon Jungle, first go to Cave Entrance, then Waterfall to get Bucket of Water by Collecting Water. Then go to Inner Cave to Dig for Diamonds. After you get the Diamond, go to Swamp and head to Jungle Enclove to Ask for Sage's Blessings. When you have the Sage's Blessings, go to the Village to exchange Diamond with Wooden Plank. Finally go back to Jungle, then Swamp, and finally Bridge to go to Castle Dracul. Make sure you are level 41 and above :)

Wishing all of you to reach your destination safely! :)


  1. I cant find the tractor wheel for Sebha's farm?

  2. cool tips, man..
    very useful.. all u written..
    hope u still can add more of it..
    i most like the tip abt the jungle 1..
    but i think nid dig 2 diamond?

  3. err... can gimme ur msn or contact some thg like tat?
    easy for me to ask u abt any thg related to the blood apps..

  4. Guys, sorry for not checking out the comments in this blog entry because I've written this one quite long time ago. Perhaps you could ask directly in the chat box next time :) Anonymous, were you asking about Sebha's farm or Claire's farm? I think Sebha is the city of assassins. Lim, yup, you need to dig for diamond in the Inner Cave. I don't have MSN but would YM do? Mine is "farquharz" without the apostrophes :)

  5. how does one find claire's locket, the reason is that I need another one that I can use.