Gossip Girl And Heroes Are Back!

OMG! I finally got Heroes season 3 episode 1 & 2 AND Gossip Girl Season 2 episode 1 - 4 movie files from Achtung! Thanks bangat Achtung! The best part is, we watched Gossip Girl season premiere together and shared our own dirty little secrets while watching it! Classic! In Gossip Girl (spoilers!), new characters, a Lord and a Dutchess from Britain are introduced, Dan and Serena were officially break-up, and Serena van der Woodsen are the new queen bee of the high school, dethroning Blair Waldorf. Love getting more complex than ever, more difficult than just a love triangle. There are also more sex scenes so be ready to get wet! Haha! In Heroes, expect new characters with more powerful abilities and time-travelling were making huge changes in Heroes history. What's more, Sylar has gained regeneration ability from Claire! And WHO exactly is Sylar's mother? Watch out Heroes & Villains alike!

Thanks for the Raya wishes from all my friends! I prayed to God that all of you have the joyous and wonderful celebration with your family!

p/s: Kiraan statistik terkini penerimaan SMS raya: 35 SMS (Sekarang dah tak main kad raya kan? Semuanya sistem mesej singkat je kalau tak pun kad online. Hehe.)

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