On the Fifth Day of Ramadhan

On the fifth day of Ramadhan
I'm back at my crib
Doing laundry luckily it's a dry day
And blogging about two Facebook games
My favourite Pokemon and addictive Blood Lust
"Buka puasa" with Didi and his four friends
Then watch Don't Mess With The Zohan
About Israel and Arabians and sex and hatred
Gonna watch re-run of my favourite Korean drama "My Girl"
On the fifth day of Ramadhan


  1. my girl?....hahaha,i teringat plak kisah lama i dulu time2 bercinta...wah,bercinta ker?but i still advice u to watch snow queen (korea ok,bkn yg mat salleh nye citer)....byk pengajaran dlm hidup yg i dpt dr tgk citer tuh....yg penting,i tgk kedua2 citer nih,sbb mushroom.

  2. ha ah. i x tgk2 lg snow queen. pinjam kalau ada dvd achtung...

  3. i pon copy dvd dr org lain....n i br tau,kalo copy dvd gitu jer,besar ya mat size die.skrg i tgk citer 'which star r u from'....size,20Gb...besanye....