PC Upgrade Season!

(The current top-notch video card, 9800GTX surely looks sexy, isn't she?)

Yeah! I'm planning to upgrade my PC soon! I'm looking forward to maximise the settings to play the games "just like the developers intend to". My top priorities would certainly be a new CPU and graphic card. My current motherboard is M2N-E SLI so maybe I'm going to stick with AMD although Intel Core 2 Duo is the best. Or should I change my motherboard to let say, P5N-E SLI? So I'm gonna change the CPU from 2300+ to a higher gigahertz with a reasonable price tag. And for graphic card, I'm looking forward to change my current Nvidia GeForce 8500GT to 8800GT, cheaper but powerful, or if the 9 series are cheaper, than maybe I'll go with 9800GT. But if it is possible to run my old video card simultaneously with either one of these two, so maybe I will just do that. And possibly I'm gonna add another 2GB RAM as well. So with the other peripherals, Samsung monitor, Logitech mouse, Microsoft keyboard, and Altec Lansing speaker in the team, I will rule the world, or so to speak! Next, second 24" LCD monitor!

p/s: I love white keyboard because I like playing games in the dark.


  1. amboi!!melampau2 nk upgrade pc.x menahan tuh,siap nk tambah 2nd lcd 24" lagik...matilah.hahaha

  2. i da cek loyat tadi. so possibly i akan tukar cpu amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ rm310, sekarang dah half price dari tahun lepas lagipun abangnyer mobo support socket am2. then graphic card abang ambik nvidia geforce 9800gt lebih kurang rm550. sebab paling jelas ketara ketidakpoweran time main crysis. framrate drop! setting low! or should i wait for the next games to come? maybe tak kut sebab price da drop dari tahun lepas, so kalau barang baru pun gerenti nak tunggu lebih kuragn setahun baru leh beli price yang da drop... hehehe... smart customer!

    p/s: abg da bc ur komen kt mespes, reply kt sini la ek. len kali u make sure ada satu windows xp/windows vista dvd senang sket ape2 hal. nak format ke, nk re-install ke. and teroknyer u nyer cpu fan noise! seb baik mine energy efficient nyer cpu, only 45w, and my graphic card memang silent magic nyer series. but those two i will change in the next few months! yeay! my pc cukop setahun next month!

  3. oh ye, tapi graphic card tu im not sure sebab my mobo ddr2, graphic card tu ddr3. huhu. hopefully bleh. if not memang abg akan stuck dlm dunia ddr2. huhu, if not that's mean i need to buy new ddr3 mobo as well. whoa!

  4. ohoho....i mmg nk baling jer pc nih kalo time tido die bunyi lg.adoi,geram btol.i rs mcm dok kt dlm cc plak siap ade bunyi kn.haiyo.

    ddr2.so far i pon pakai ddr2....lepas raya kot i nk tambah ram 2gb.skrg br ade 1gb....pastuh dh x bleh masuk lg.hahahah.....

  5. my ol pc pon camtu gak...now my pc da setahun ok dah tak berolah. anyway, i mmg akan upgrade cpu n graphic card yeay!