Spore Final Note: A Wish List for Future Spore

Highlighted are top priorities:
- Underwater creatures (confirmed for first expansion)
- Flora editor (confirmed for first expansion)
- Hut editor (more customization can't hurt)
- Planet editor/ Star system editor
- Mountable wild creatures
- Seamless transition between stages, currently they felt disconnected with each other
- More robust trade system i.e. Space Ranger, Tradewinds. Because I think trading is one of the fascinating element in a space game.
- Easier mission track system, not limited to only three; perhaps a special bar on the left screen that list down all the missions that can be minimized at will instead of having to frequently check mission log. Everytime you highlight a mission, the star system will blink. Or better, automatically chart the shortest flying distance to the mission when clicking a mission.
- Space ships fleet that can be commanded
- Army to defend homeworld (Or decrease annoying pirate raids, biodisasters and enemy attacks from disturbing your space adventure). If not, add a portal machine to easily travel back and fro to your homeworld and current location. i.e. in Diablo. Easier space travel, and decrease dependable on homeworld to repair and refuel.
- More mission types in space stage: bounty hunter, passenger transportation, travelling agency
- Make conquering the whole the ultimate goal. Award player with more titles, increase income per second to buy more expensive technology.
- More intelligent AI like other civilizations offer to buy your system, declare war
- Research to upgrade stuff instead of unlocking them
- More universe phenomenon: Supernova, Meteorites
- You get to choose what creatures to appear in your game
- More terraforming colors
- Instead of mating, symbiotic relation with other species to create new species that randomize genetic inheritance from both creatures like in The Sims 2
- Themed creations: Categorize the same design of each creations under one theme

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