Spore After Play View

After playing certain games, I always think how to improve the game and make it better. Spore is one of them. It's been almost four to five years in the making, and I, including all gamers out there, were so excited with big hype surrounding the game since it was first announced. We frequently read the previews, watch the trailers, and if only we could stalk the game creators to get sneak peek on it, we would but that would be too far. But when it came out, it didn't meet the expectation. Perhaps, we put too much expectation on it or perhaps the game has been so commercialized in order to fit to other game platforms that it lost its depth. Now that Maxis had successfully transform the game into a very friendly game towards casual gamers and kids around the world, it's time for them to pay attention to the real players, the gamers themselves.

The most critical point is that the five levels felt disconnected to each other, making them into five different shallow mini games. My suggestion is to kill off the cell stage. Yes, you can skip the stage, but you will lose the consequence ability inherited from the stage. Gamers are forced to play the stage whether they enjoy it or not. At first, it is fun to play as a 2D cell, but after a while, it will be a mundane task and boring. It lost its charm and most importantly, fun factor. Even more, the level doesn't quite fit with the later stages; especially during space stage, you no longer meet the cell stage. Perhaps the developer intended to include the stage for commercial reason but somehow, even the casual gamer would find the stage to be repetitive. The game would be better starting with the creature stage where players can create their creature from scratch. They don't have to look out for body parts, instead, the species mate with other species and create new species. Why do we have to stick to Darwin theory if we could create a new one? It's a game after all and game should be fun, not having to find all the body parts and ended up being a repetitive task. And if you don't like the look of your new merged species, you can still modify it with creature creator.

And then, instead of evolving to tribal stage (and waiting for the loading screen,) why don't we give the creature the power to recruit its own tribe members (but of course must be the same species) You can create your own tribe hut building. And as your tribe grow bigger and learn to use different tools, they phased into civilization stage, still without resorting to loading screen. This is what we call seamless boundaries between levels, and the difference is your map become bigger, and your creature starts to learn language and all. And it wouldn't hurt if Spore include technology tree (as in the history line provided but with more options) towards space stage. In civilization stage, your creature starts to rely on vehicles. Instead of relying on socializing and combat, your creature can start learning skills in economy, belief system (religion) and military. Such as in economy, your creature can start honing the skills by barter system, then use Sporebuck, then build a market and lastly trade routes between tribes. These three should be the continuous core of each stage instead of singing, dancing, posing and charming like retarded creatures. The socializing part was fun at the beginning, but after second and third play, it became redundant and felt like an afterthought elements thrown into the game.

When the civilization successfully research space ship, they move to space stage. Maybe limiting the player with only one space ship has its own reasons, but why not give the players the options to create a fleet of space ships to conquer the whole universe. A good way to limit space ships is by depending on the species' empire size. To ensure the continuity with the stages before, your fleet can either be religious, military and economy. This would make sure that the gamer will not feel that they are playing five different games but instead a game that grew larger yet deeper by each stages. The missions in space stage should be improved to. The species should be able to enslave other nations, get taxes from them, adding illegal commodity into the trade market. A neat stat sheet would be nice too, so you could see how much Sporebucks you accumulate from you spice nodes, how many percentage of the galaxy you had conquered.

And instead of focusing the goal of the space stage to go to the center of the galaxy, the gamers should be given the option to conquer the whole galaxy. And after that, they can continue playing the same galaxy by creating another creature to crumple down their previous creature that had conquered the whole galaxy. It would be fascinating to see how your new creature along with other creatures rebel on your own previous creature that successfully conquer them at the first place. But of course after conquering the galaxy for the first time, some sort of acknowledgment should be given to award the player. This is karma.


  1. Maybe its just me but I like the game the way it is and any of your suggestions would ruin it for me completely.... I do thank you for thinking though, many people don't even make it that far.

  2. thanks for stopping by anonymous. maybe you're right. spore wouldn't be spore without the five levels. but perhaps by making the transition less obvious would improve playing experience. i've read review in pcgamer us and i do agree that will wright make the gameplay easier so that people "enjoy" the game and focused more on other stuff like creating creatures, vehicles, buildings etc. and for the space stage, maybe some elements could be improved. you should read my spore final note for more details on it. thanks again for your comment and i appreciate it for giving me another perspective on spore :)