Spore Mid Play View

Spore is the CRAZIEST game ever created in this whole world, perhaps can never be created the same way by anyone other than Will Wright himself. Why? Because Spore galaxy is EXTREMELY SUPER HUGE! It is also freeform and playing it requires infinity. True to his word, Spore is an offline MMORPG. It has thousands of star systems, millions of planets and trillions of living creatures and vehicles; each one of them is uniquely different from the others. And that's just in one save game. When you play another new game, that's completely a different galaxy with a whole new star systems, planets, creatures and vehicles. They are all randomly created and mix-match of different parts and modifications that not one of them is the same. This game is totally not for a perfectionist because they will freak out with all the star systems that need to be colonized and conquered, let alone rare sets to be found scattered around the whole galaxy. Yes, you can complete the space stage by filling up the green bar at the game user interface and your end goal is to reach the center of the galaxy, but when you have the whole galaxy to play with, why would you finish a brilliant game just like that? So if you decide to do so (the conquering thing I mean), make sure you create a creature that you will love to see for the whole space adventure and planned its consequence abilities for space stage use at the beginning of the game, because once you step into the space stage, you no longer can modify them except for their clothing, buildings and vehicles.

But still the game could use some improvements. Perhaps an expansion could improve the mission tracker system by adding a search engine as in Space Rangers that made locating a specific thing in the game easier, upgrade the trading system by including tracker that let you know highs and lows of the trade, include a useful news network as in Space Ranger game that give you tips on "buy low, sell high" locations, and settle the annoying problem with camera control that change itself in different stages. And, perhaps enabling you to be an underwater creature, building civilizations in the sea, thus creating a whole new gameplay based on it.

p/s: After googling for Spore expansion, I learnt taht the expansion will include underwater creatures and flora editor but no more than that have been spilled out. Stay tune.

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