Will Wright Interview Highlights from IGN

IGN: We've heard players might be able to create underwater creatures.

Will Wright: That's actually one of those aspects of the game that's right on the cusp of being cutout. We'll have to see if it makes it in. You start out underwater, at the molecular level, so it's just a matter of whether or not you're forced out and onto land.

IGN: Are all these different 'games' you're talking about integrated seamlessly within the Spore experience?

Will Wright: Right now, the entire game is playable. All the levels are playable. And the editors are kind of ahead of the gameplay. We have the editors in a real nice state right now. But it's as seamless as we've been hoping, yeah.

Kaizar: Seems like Will Wright himself acknowledge that the entire game is not that "seamless" after all.

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