Gossip Girl ep 7, Heroes ep 6

4 minutes into Gossip Girl season 2 episode 7, Serena caught saying "I enjoy a brief conversion to Islam" on one of the comments she made about her mother's list of ex-husbands. Now, that's a very bold statement. Yeah, really enjoy watching Gossip Girl episode 7 and Heroes episode 6. Waiting for another week to pass me by! Time to make a trip to http://www.gossipgirlinsider.com/ There's a poll asking which character will be caught by Dorota the Waldorf's housekeeper committing the act of "self-love". My lucky guess would be Blair. And the male character that will die soon would be Bart, giving way for Rufus and Lily to be together again. And I can't wait for Jenny to takeover the queen bee title!

Currently listening to my "relaxing" playlist which includes songs from Dido, Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morisette, James Blunt, Nelly Furtado, Enya and The Corrs.

Elven Blood: From Asgard Summit to Nightmare Sanctuary

1) At Asgard Summits, subdue the orc pillagers to get Orc Head.
2) Go to Orc camp > Cyrene Jungles, slay the hellkite wyvern using Orc Head to get Inferno
3) Go to Neo St Castletown > Castle Dracul, buy Trollmoors Key from shop
4) Go back to Cyrene Jungles > Trollmoors, slay the troll lord using Inferno to get Hydra Hair and Claire
5) Go back to Neo St Castletown, haggle with the violin crafter using Hydra Hair to get violin
6) Go to Castle Dracul, duel Count Brahm using Claire to get Suit & slay the vampire werewolf to get Vampiric Werewolf Infection
7) Go to Castle Dracul's living room, blood nocturne with Alicia using violin to get Blood nocturne and Duel Kruz Dracul to get Troll Blood
8) Go to Pool of Blood, break the hall of mirrors to get Mirror Shield
9) Go to Neo St Castletown, restore the king's health using Troll blood to get Royal battlesword
10) Go to Niphelim Heights, hunt the arctic Fenrir using Royal Battlesword to get Fenrir Claws
11) Go to orc camp and break down the fortress gates using Claws of Fenrir to proceed to Nightmare Sanctuary (required level 53)

Disaster Movie!!!

I watched this movie two weeks ago. Completely disastrous as advertised. Watching this movie is like entering a guessing competition. There were Amy Winehouse, Hancock, Incredible Hulk, Sex and the City, Batman Dark Knight, Ironman, Hellboy, High School Musical, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Jessica Simpson, Knocked Up, Kungfu Panda, Indiana Jones & Kingdom of Crystal Skull, Enchanted, Alvin & the Chipmunk, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Beowulf, Michael Jackson... Hmm, did I miss anything?

p/s: Last night I edited a very touching true story Korean movie "My Father" and a funny Thai movie "Metrosexual". Don't miss these two great movies on channel Astro Kirana this December!

Skies of Blood: From Crash Site to Day 2

1) From Crash Site > Venture into Rainforest > Head to Inner Rainforest > Pineforest; cut down trees to get 5 branches. Then back track to Crash Site and ask Zoe to build a raft (required 4 Branches).
2) Next, Venture into Rainforest > Explore Waterfalls > Sail to Subterranean Cave (required Raft) and get Broken Basket, Flint Stone & Gills there.
3) Go back to Waterfalls and Climb up to Upper Falls; gather 3 Bundle of Vines. Side quest: Fight Shark to get Sharkskin Armor
4) Go back to Crash Site, scavenge jet wreck to get blankets, build a fire (required Branch and Flint Stone), ask Zoe to make a net (required 3 Bundle of Vines) and ask Zoe to repair the broken basket.
5) Venture into Rainforest > Head to Inner Rainforest; go to Mango Grove to get 3 Mangoes (required Basket) and Mud Pit to get Wild Boar (required Vine Net). Side quests: Hunt Orangutans to get Leap Skill and Hunt Mother Boar to get Sword of the Boar.
6) Go back to Crash Site and Make Supper to get Roast Pig. Use both blanket and roast pig to go to Day 2!
Enjoy your camping in the "Lost" setting!

Blood Games Launched on MySpace!

October 8: Blood Games launched on MySpace!
Continue the adventure and compete with your friends on MySpace!
The most popular MMORPG series from Facebook comes to MySpace! Are you bloody enough?
The good news is, they LOAD FASTER than in Facebook!
The bad news? Inviting friends into your bloodlines, squad, gang and party is a very tedious task requiring a lot of mouse-clicks and still under progress to make the process easier.

Song 4 Sayang: Ocean Travel - Coffee Prince

Some day, a long time from now
These rays of light
Remember the trip
I took to be next to you

At a seashore far away
At the end of the sky somewhere
Keep the precious memories
Of you and me
A blinding vision of azure
You’re my sea
When I gave you my hand
Your dreams broke into white pieces

I’m planning on taking a long trip
A voyage deep into the sea
The smooth, silvery ripples
Take my body to you
A blinding vision of azure
You’re my sea

When I gave you my hand a white
Burst of your smile
You know, too, that I
Love you very much
Wrap me in your softness

i-hae-ssa-reun a-reum-da-un
noye-gero tto-na-don
nae yo-hae-ngul kio-khae-jwo

aju-mon badat-ka
cho ha-neul-ka o-din-ka-ye
nowa-naye sujong-han
chuwok-du-reul kanji-khae-jwo

nunbushi-ge pu-reu-run
no-neun-nae-ge bada-in-gol
sunnae-mil-myon hayah-ke
buso-chi-don noye-kkum-deul

kinyong-haengul tto-nar-yo-hae
a-juki-peun bada-yo-haeng
bu-deu-ron unbit-mul-kyol
mo-meul-shid-ko noye-gero

nunbushi-ge pu-reu-run
no-neun-nae-ge bada-in-gol
sunnae-mil-myon hayah-ke
buso-chi-don noye-miso

nodo-ara nae-ganol
aju-manhi sarang-haneun
po-gunk kamssa-jwo naye-ke

Elven Blood: From Celestial Sea to Sea of Solarius

1) At Celestial Sea, catch the falling stars to get Burning Angel and save the burning angel to get Black Blood.
2) Go to Shores of Luneste, complete the conquest by asking the oracle about black blood. Train with Tyr, Angel of War to get Disbelief.
3) Go to Falls at Venale, spar with the Archon Elemental to get Internal Combustion and tame the Celestial Pegasus to get it. Go back to Shores of Luneste.
4) Go to Celestial Sea, use Internal Combustion to hunt 3 Pyrefish.
5) Go to Shores of Luneste, use the Forge of the Heavens which requiring the 3 Pyrefish to get Ragnarok.
6) Go to Falls at Venale, use Ragnarok to destroy the Harbinger to get Blackhole Spell. Say your last farewell to this location and go back to Shores of Luneste.
7) Go to Range of Mari, use Blackhole Spell to extinguish the dream parasites to get Lost Dream. Free the trapped soul to get Unshed Tears. Go back to Shores of Luneste, then Celestial Sea.
The next step will require you to go back and forth between Mercanius Spirals and Neo Eden Gardens.
8) Go to Mercanius Spirals, then cut through the Neo Eden Gardens using Ragnarok. At Neo Eden Gardens, use Lost Dream to defeat the Eden guards to get Cloak of Invisibility. Use the cloak to track 3 Eden Wolves. Go back to Mercanius Spirals, use Cloak of Invisility to hunt the Dawn Star. Go back to Neo Eden Gardens, use 3 Eden wolves and Dawn Star to seek Eve's help to get the most-needed Hellproof. Use Hellproof to play with Ouroboros to get Ouroboros Whip. Say your last goodbye to this place and go back to Mercanius Spiral. Use Hellproof to hunt the Midday Star.
9) Next, go back to Celestial Sea > Shores of Luneste > Range of Mari. Use Hellproof, Midday Star and Unshed Tears to destroy the Black Queen to get Telekinesis. Travel back to Mercanius Spiral using the same path. Use Telekinesis to hunt the Twilight Star. Finally, use Dawn Star, Midday Star and Twilight Star to go to Sea of Solarius.
Stay tune for next episode!

Raya 3G+

Standing from left: Khaliff Faid, Andi Kaizar, Jojie Butterfie. Sitting from left: Mel, Anne, Along Bank, Zino ZegnaWhoa! This is my first time getting 3G+ signal in BTS area! Hope it's going to be everlasting!

p/s: Dan sekadar ingin membetulkan kenyataan Fadzrul dalam entri blog Too Hard To Ignore: Kenangan Hitam & Pahit, Rizal bukan rapat dengan Cikgu Maria tapi rapat dengan Cikgu Amran Maskor.

Elven Blood: From Cliffs of Pride to Lust Caldera

After finishing the nine hells missions, you finally arrived at the Gate of Purgatory where you must get Silver Key & Golden Key to go beyond the gate.
1) At Cliffs of Pride, confront the cyclops to get Cyclops Eye.
2) Go to Tangles of Greed, hunt the false prophets to get Prophetic Vision.
3) Go to Glutton's Desert, kill the cannibals to get Human Meat.
4) Go to Sloth's Respite, trash the scarecrow to get Cloak of Crows and use Human Meat to massacre the sloth beast to get Star Bubble.
5) Go to Mists of Envy, buy Angelguard at shop and use it to slay Lady Medusa to get Hydra. Use Prophetic Vision to overcome Invidia and get Potion of Envy.
6) Go back to Sloth's Respite and then Glutton's Desert. Use Hydra to overcome Gula and get Forbidden Fruit.
7) Go back to Tangles of Greed and use Star Bubble to overcome Avarita and get Touch of Gold.
8) Go to Peak of Wraths, use Potion of Envy to overcome Ira to get Flamearrow Spell.
9) Go to Lust Caldera, banish Psyche to get Psychotic Lust.
After reaching Lust Caldera for the first time, you will need to go back to previous locations for the last time to get required items before settling down at Lust Caldera waiting for the next Elven Blood update.
10) Go back to Peak of Wraths, use Psychotic Lust to get Damsel.
11) Go to Cliffs of Pride via Tangles of Greed, use Flamearrow Spell to destroy Archangel Icarus to get Archangel Wings. Use Touch of Gold to overcome Superbia and get Crown Superbia.
12) Go to Sloth's Respite via Mists of Envy, use Damsel to overcome Acedia to get Crest of Emotion.
13) Go to Glutton's Desert > Tangles of Greed > Peaks of Wrath, use Crest of Emotion to kill the suicides to get Broken Angel.
14) Finally, go to Lust Caldera, use Broken Angel to kill Archangel Cupid to get Seraphim Bow. Use Crown Superbia to overcome Luxuria to get Black Heart.
Stay tuned for the next episode!