Blood Games Launched on MySpace!

October 8: Blood Games launched on MySpace!
Continue the adventure and compete with your friends on MySpace!
The most popular MMORPG series from Facebook comes to MySpace! Are you bloody enough?
The good news is, they LOAD FASTER than in Facebook!
The bad news? Inviting friends into your bloodlines, squad, gang and party is a very tedious task requiring a lot of mouse-clicks and still under progress to make the process easier.

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  1. Salam my dear Anjang....tak habes2 ngn game dia...Wassssssuppppp bro.....long time no see....bila nak turun Miri reramai.....nak mintak ucu turun KL, KL dah basa...apa kata klu anjang plak yang turun Miri reramai....hehehehe...ok tak idea ucu nih???