Elven Blood: From Asgard Summit to Nightmare Sanctuary

1) At Asgard Summits, subdue the orc pillagers to get Orc Head.
2) Go to Orc camp > Cyrene Jungles, slay the hellkite wyvern using Orc Head to get Inferno
3) Go to Neo St Castletown > Castle Dracul, buy Trollmoors Key from shop
4) Go back to Cyrene Jungles > Trollmoors, slay the troll lord using Inferno to get Hydra Hair and Claire
5) Go back to Neo St Castletown, haggle with the violin crafter using Hydra Hair to get violin
6) Go to Castle Dracul, duel Count Brahm using Claire to get Suit & slay the vampire werewolf to get Vampiric Werewolf Infection
7) Go to Castle Dracul's living room, blood nocturne with Alicia using violin to get Blood nocturne and Duel Kruz Dracul to get Troll Blood
8) Go to Pool of Blood, break the hall of mirrors to get Mirror Shield
9) Go to Neo St Castletown, restore the king's health using Troll blood to get Royal battlesword
10) Go to Niphelim Heights, hunt the arctic Fenrir using Royal Battlesword to get Fenrir Claws
11) Go to orc camp and break down the fortress gates using Claws of Fenrir to proceed to Nightmare Sanctuary (required level 53)

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