Elven Blood: From Celestial Sea to Sea of Solarius

1) At Celestial Sea, catch the falling stars to get Burning Angel and save the burning angel to get Black Blood.
2) Go to Shores of Luneste, complete the conquest by asking the oracle about black blood. Train with Tyr, Angel of War to get Disbelief.
3) Go to Falls at Venale, spar with the Archon Elemental to get Internal Combustion and tame the Celestial Pegasus to get it. Go back to Shores of Luneste.
4) Go to Celestial Sea, use Internal Combustion to hunt 3 Pyrefish.
5) Go to Shores of Luneste, use the Forge of the Heavens which requiring the 3 Pyrefish to get Ragnarok.
6) Go to Falls at Venale, use Ragnarok to destroy the Harbinger to get Blackhole Spell. Say your last farewell to this location and go back to Shores of Luneste.
7) Go to Range of Mari, use Blackhole Spell to extinguish the dream parasites to get Lost Dream. Free the trapped soul to get Unshed Tears. Go back to Shores of Luneste, then Celestial Sea.
The next step will require you to go back and forth between Mercanius Spirals and Neo Eden Gardens.
8) Go to Mercanius Spirals, then cut through the Neo Eden Gardens using Ragnarok. At Neo Eden Gardens, use Lost Dream to defeat the Eden guards to get Cloak of Invisibility. Use the cloak to track 3 Eden Wolves. Go back to Mercanius Spirals, use Cloak of Invisility to hunt the Dawn Star. Go back to Neo Eden Gardens, use 3 Eden wolves and Dawn Star to seek Eve's help to get the most-needed Hellproof. Use Hellproof to play with Ouroboros to get Ouroboros Whip. Say your last goodbye to this place and go back to Mercanius Spiral. Use Hellproof to hunt the Midday Star.
9) Next, go back to Celestial Sea > Shores of Luneste > Range of Mari. Use Hellproof, Midday Star and Unshed Tears to destroy the Black Queen to get Telekinesis. Travel back to Mercanius Spiral using the same path. Use Telekinesis to hunt the Twilight Star. Finally, use Dawn Star, Midday Star and Twilight Star to go to Sea of Solarius.
Stay tune for next episode!

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  1. I have been using your elven blood blog for a while, and finally got to the Sea of Solarius, to discover you're not updating anymore, and I can't find any useful ones. Now I get to lose my mind trying to finish this, but before that, I give you my thanks for helping me along this far in the game :) It was definitely appreciated.