Elven Blood: From Cliffs of Pride to Lust Caldera

After finishing the nine hells missions, you finally arrived at the Gate of Purgatory where you must get Silver Key & Golden Key to go beyond the gate.
1) At Cliffs of Pride, confront the cyclops to get Cyclops Eye.
2) Go to Tangles of Greed, hunt the false prophets to get Prophetic Vision.
3) Go to Glutton's Desert, kill the cannibals to get Human Meat.
4) Go to Sloth's Respite, trash the scarecrow to get Cloak of Crows and use Human Meat to massacre the sloth beast to get Star Bubble.
5) Go to Mists of Envy, buy Angelguard at shop and use it to slay Lady Medusa to get Hydra. Use Prophetic Vision to overcome Invidia and get Potion of Envy.
6) Go back to Sloth's Respite and then Glutton's Desert. Use Hydra to overcome Gula and get Forbidden Fruit.
7) Go back to Tangles of Greed and use Star Bubble to overcome Avarita and get Touch of Gold.
8) Go to Peak of Wraths, use Potion of Envy to overcome Ira to get Flamearrow Spell.
9) Go to Lust Caldera, banish Psyche to get Psychotic Lust.
After reaching Lust Caldera for the first time, you will need to go back to previous locations for the last time to get required items before settling down at Lust Caldera waiting for the next Elven Blood update.
10) Go back to Peak of Wraths, use Psychotic Lust to get Damsel.
11) Go to Cliffs of Pride via Tangles of Greed, use Flamearrow Spell to destroy Archangel Icarus to get Archangel Wings. Use Touch of Gold to overcome Superbia and get Crown Superbia.
12) Go to Sloth's Respite via Mists of Envy, use Damsel to overcome Acedia to get Crest of Emotion.
13) Go to Glutton's Desert > Tangles of Greed > Peaks of Wrath, use Crest of Emotion to kill the suicides to get Broken Angel.
14) Finally, go to Lust Caldera, use Broken Angel to kill Archangel Cupid to get Seraphim Bow. Use Crown Superbia to overcome Luxuria to get Black Heart.
Stay tuned for the next episode!


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