The Sims 3, and more

The Sims 3
(coming out Feb 2009)

"The answer to all my Sims dream ever since I played The Sims for the first time" - Kaizar

Feature 1: Explore a Seamless, Living Neighborhood
In The Sims 3, your Sims’ lives no longer revolve around the home. Open the door and discover a new town alive with possibilities. Every Sim has a unique personality including your Sims’ neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Your Sims can meet new neighbors on a brisk morning jog; visit their best friend’s home for a dinner party, take the family for a day of sun in the park, or even take that hot new Sim they’ve met for a romantic sunset picnic on the beach. Cultivate life-long friendships and stormy rivalries. As you explore your Sims’ surroundings, who knows what might happen! Your Sims might run into an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, a long lost pal, or a fierce rival. The town is open for your Sims to explore! *The neighborhood itself has a personality, created in part by the unique personalities of the Sims. Will you create a soccer mom who lives with her family in the suburban subdivision not too far from town? Or a wealthy businessman who owns a spectacular mansion in the hills overlooking the sea? The choices are yours; you can change the neighborhood into whatever you want it to be. (The Sims 3 probably follows Spore step in becoming an offline multiplayer game. This feature could be tracked back to Space Rangers where other characters are not static and continue their lives without you directing them)

Feature 2: Create a Sim
Create Sims who look like you or anyone you know. The all-new Create a Sim is easy to use and more powerful than ever, letting you completely personalize your Sims’ appearances and personalities. *Fine-tune every feature on your Sims face, customize their hair color, select the exact shade of their skin tone, and determine much more to make realistic Sims. Outfit your Sims with infinite fashion, make-up, and accessory styles. It's never been easier to make Sims that are thin, full-figured, muscular, and everything in between!

Feature 3: Personality Traits System
Designate your Sims' personality based on an innovative trait system. Select from dozens of personality traits and combine up to five traits to make a variety of interesting characters, who live in the neighborhood. Will you create an idealistic, creative dreamer who relishes taking risks thanks to his daredevil streak? Will you make an insensitive, drop-dead gorgeous socialite who neglects her romantic side and whose deepest secret is that she is actually a certified genius? It’s entirely up to you. (This is more like the way we interpret ourselves in networking sites like Myspace, Friendster or Facebook. Some of the known traits are Computer Whiz, Absent Minded, Excitable, Anti-TV, Schmoozer, Party Animal, Unflirty, Flirty, Party Animal, Rude, Lucky, Evil, Light Sleeper, Heavy Sleeper, Inappropriate, No sense of Humor, Friendly, Mean Spirited, Insane, Kleptomaniac, Paranoid, Brave, Hates Kids, and Genius )

Feature 4: Customize everything about your Sims’ homes
Design and build homes with complete freedom to customize everything and make your very own neighborhoods. Infinite possibilities to design the interior furnishings of your Sims. Select any color pattern for your furniture that you can imagine. Match all your furnishings with the same pattern & color, or mix patterns & colors of the furnishings to create your very own look. The possibilities are endless for creating your Sims home of their dreams.

Feature 5: Gameplay
There’s more to your Sims’ lives in The Sims 3. Enjoy the challenge of short-term and long-term goals and then reap the rewards! Based on personality traits, skills, and career choice, your Sims have short and long term Wishes that provide constant fun challenges—things to do and achieve. You have the ultimate freedom to choose whether (or not!) to fulfill their destiny, giving them lifetime happiness and rewards! *Will your Sim attend the right training exercises, salute the right military personnel, and skyrocket from a lowly Latrine Cleaner to a high-flying Astronaut? Will they hit the sports stadium, impress the talent scouts, and make winning plays that catapult them from a Rabid Fan to Sports Legend? Maybe your Sim will perfect their guitar skill, headline concerts, and be worshiped by legends of fans who propel them from the life of a Roadie to Rock Star status. Your Sims’ destinies are up to you!

Feature 6: Movie-making!
Be the Director of your Sims' movies! Never before have you been able to make your own movie with a cast, a set, soundtrack, a story and editing without leaving the game. Now you can with the movie making mash up tool set. Make a movie and share it with the world! (More customizable than The Movies - the actors, the actresses, the clothes, there are so many customization to fulfill your lifetime dream to be budding machinima creator! But facial emotion and body language is yet to be confirmed)

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More details from Wikipedia
The entire game is played in real-time, so Sims that the player is not using will still age and may get married, have children, and/or gain other memories and experience other events. With the absence of loading screens, it is possible to zoom in and out from a complete view of the neighborhood to the inside of a house.

Of the eight needs of The Sims 1 & 2, only four - bladder, hunger, energy and fun - will remain. These will be completed by moodlets - attributes which are acquired by special events (minor events like tooth brushing, and major ones like wedding), and affect the Sims' behavior. The Want and Fear system of The Sims 2 is replaced by Wishes and Opportunities. *Several features from The Sims 2 expansion packs will appear in the original The Sims 3, such as the "young adult" life stage and mobile phones (University), private cars (Nightlife), fishing (Seasons) and jewelry (Bon Voyage).

Each career has a workplace building in the neighborhood, which Sims travel to for their shifts. Sims can also apply for jobs with these buildings. Though Sims are hidden inside buildings during the workday, the player can control their behavior at work to a certain extent. There are also part-time jobs. Sims can also take actions to increase their productivity while not at work, such as bringing work home or working overtime. (I wish mini games for career!)

Create-a-Sim is the character (Sim) builder, where the polygon 3-D models of Sims can be modified by changing a wider variety of properties than what was available in previous installments. This opens the door to creating completely unique Sims with regard to stature, height, weight, hair, and clothing. Players can customize nearly everything in the game, including furniture, clothes and shoes. *Toddlers have two traits, and a new one is added for each new life stage, until they reach young adulthood - so they will have five traits for the rest of their lives. In addition to this, individual fitness bars have been added to adjust the Sims weight and muscle. The player can now choose their Sims' favorite color, music type, food, etc. (You can customize your Sim s voice as well. You're given voice samples and from there simply adjusting the pitch gives you a unique voice. Your Sim's hair is also customizable, it is broken down into four basic regions: Roots, Base, Tips and Highlights. Each region can be colored differently using RGB palette)

Ideas for The Sims 3 expansion packs: The Sims 3 Ride (You can drive your car around the neighborhood, cruising with boat from shore to shore, flying a helicopter above the town. You can even help the police, ambulance and firemen helping other people, which in turn will open up more benefits for you to reap! And you can even join racing club!), The Sims 3 Underworld (You no longer restricted to live on land only, you are now able to live underwater and underground. You can also explore fantasy world with mermaids, elves, ghosts, witches and any underworld creatures you can think of), The Sims 3 Jungle (You see the jungle out there? Now you can explore it too. Be ready for a journey no Sims have ever take, in the jungle! Sightseeing, wildlife catalogue, camping, fishing, parachuting; the adventure is endless), The Sims 3 Bon Appetit (You can create your own recipe using different ingredients! You can own a restaurant and play mini-game like Diner Dash, hiring waiters, cashiers, chefs)

2009: The Year of Dream Realization!
2009 promises to be the best year for PC gaming world! With The Sims 3 due in February (The best game ever, bar none. The only game that truly cares), along with Blizzard's double treats, Diablo III and Starcraft 2 (Early 2009), it surely beats 2004, the year when The Sims 2, Half Life 2 and Doom 3 released! Waiting list: Empire: Total War, StarCraft 2, Diablo III Already released: Crysis Warhead, The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Mercenaries 2, Stalker Clear Sky, King's Bounty, The Sims 2: Life Stories, Pets Stories, Castaway Stories, Lego Batman, NFS Undercover, Mirror's Edge, MySims, FarCry 2. Lord of the Ring Conquest, The Sims Mansion & Garden Stuff, FallOut 3, GTA IV

End notes: 1) Simlish language is a mixed of fractured Ukrainian, Tagalog and Navajo. 2) The Sims (a live action, drama fillm) is currently in preproduction by 20th Century Fox, written by Brian Lynch and produced by John Davis (of Norbit and Eragon) 3) The Sims expansion packs: Livin' Large, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, Superstar, Makin' Magic 4) The Sims 2 expansion packs to date: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Freetime, Apartment Life 5) In The Sims 2, alien abduction can cause male pregnancy!

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