Skies of Blood: From Crash Site to Day 2

1) From Crash Site > Venture into Rainforest > Head to Inner Rainforest > Pineforest; cut down trees to get 5 branches. Then back track to Crash Site and ask Zoe to build a raft (required 4 Branches).
2) Next, Venture into Rainforest > Explore Waterfalls > Sail to Subterranean Cave (required Raft) and get Broken Basket, Flint Stone & Gills there.
3) Go back to Waterfalls and Climb up to Upper Falls; gather 3 Bundle of Vines. Side quest: Fight Shark to get Sharkskin Armor
4) Go back to Crash Site, scavenge jet wreck to get blankets, build a fire (required Branch and Flint Stone), ask Zoe to make a net (required 3 Bundle of Vines) and ask Zoe to repair the broken basket.
5) Venture into Rainforest > Head to Inner Rainforest; go to Mango Grove to get 3 Mangoes (required Basket) and Mud Pit to get Wild Boar (required Vine Net). Side quests: Hunt Orangutans to get Leap Skill and Hunt Mother Boar to get Sword of the Boar.
6) Go back to Crash Site and Make Supper to get Roast Pig. Use both blanket and roast pig to go to Day 2!
Enjoy your camping in the "Lost" setting!


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the help!

  2. Thanks for help. Simple and user friendly guide :) :) :)

  3. Thank you for saving me time...You rock dude!!

  4. but to get vines you have to go to moonlight valley which requires the roast pig to get to! How do I get the vines????

  5. To Ananymous above; Nah, you don't have to go to moonlight valley to get the vines, just follow Kaizars directions and you'll get them.
    Oh, and to Kaizar; thanks ever so much for all the help on the blood games, you're my hero!