November Update

Currently waiting for Achtung to send the pictures taken in Singapore with the digicam. He claimed we took over 400 pictures, and that's not including pictures from the phonecam. Now that's what we called camwhore! Some info I got from another trip to Singapore:

1) Who says Malaysia is one of the rudest country? D'oh
2) The MRT is very well-planned, moving almost in straight line without bending much.
3) You can catch Singaporeans running at their highest speed at the MRT interchange stations to catch the next MRT.
4) Singapore is not that litter-free country after all.
5) PSP is a common thing you see in MRT

So the next time I go to Singapore, I'm gonna make sure to stay at JB for at least a day or two. Take the bus to Kranji MRT station for less than a dollar, but you need to pass the Singapore custom, which will take almost half an hour. Then take MRT to Orchard MRT station and get the Singapore Tourist Pass costing $18 ($10 as refundable deposit) at the Ticket Office. This pass allows you to take any MRT you want. Must-visit places: Orchard Road, Merlion Park, Marina Barrage (before 8 pm!), Sentosa, Tiger Sky Tower... I'm sure Achtung will provide y'all with more details later on in his blog! (Update: Tips For 1-Day Travel at Singapore and I'm Not Singaporean)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie release date has been delayed to July 2009! Waaa! This movie will serve as the bridge between the first five movies and the last one. Already can't hardly wait for the last Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hallows! Spoilers alert for those who hasn't read the book: the Half-Blood Prince is Snape and he will kill Dumbledore, but he really is a good guy. Harry Potter will marry Ginny in the last movie and Ron to Hermione.

Currently listening to this (Note to DJ: Play these songs when I go to your club ya!): Darin - Breathing Your Love (feat Kat De Luna), Lady GaGa - Just Dance (feat Colby Odonis), Kate Ryan - L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You), David Guetta feat Chris Willis - Love is Gone, Enrique Iglesias - Taking Back My Love (feat Ciara), Nina Sky - On Some Bullshit, Missy Elliot - Shake Your Pom Pom, Akon - Troublemaker (feat Sweet Rush), Beyonce Knowles - Beautiful Nightmare, Britney Spears - Womanizer, Christina Aguilera - Keeps Getting Better, Coldplay - Viva La Vida, Craig David - Insomnia, David Archuleta - Crush, Kanye West - Heartless, M.I.A. - Paper Planes, Metro Station - Shake It, T.I. feat Rihanna - Live the Life, The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

My waiting list: The Sims 3, MySims, Wild Child, next Narnia movie, next Dark Material movie, next A Series of Unfortunate Events movie

Enlighten Me!

Dearest bloggers/readers/friends,
I really need help from all of you. I finally decided to pursue Master by next year, but I don't know what options I have, what I should take and where should I go. I've graduated in Communication Degree majoring in Broadcasting with decent result above 3 pointer and very good in extra-curricular activities. I'm open to any suggestion, opinion and comment. Thanks in advance :)

The Love of Siam

(click to enlarge the pic and save as wallpaper)
Read about this film somewhere in the blog space, then downloaded them from the youtube. Felt compelled to watch the film because it won many awards in Thailand. Will go there when I have the time & money. But for now, let's just dream about it on bed. In the meantime, this is the lyric of one of the song from the film. Sincere and honest. Controversial? I think not.

if i say that i wrote this song for you
would you believe me
it might not be as well-written
or beautiful like other songs
i want you to know that a love song
can't be written if you're not in love
but for you i can write this song so easily

you might have heard hundreds
or thousands of love songs
they might be meaningful
but their meanings are for anyone
when you listen to this song
it is written only for you
if you understand the meaning
our hearts will be together forever

let it be the song on the way along
with only your and my voice
that we'll be together for all time
just like a verse that's in a poem
as long as you love, you still have hope
every time i feel your love shining in my heart
i can see my destiny

there are so many truths in our love
in the past i spent too much time
looking for the meaning of it
but now i know that every time you are near
that if our lives are a melody
and you are the lyrics that make my life meaningful
then together we make beautiful music
(4 stills from "The Love of Siam" after the song)
p/s: Just finished downloading Heroes ep 9 & Gossip Girl ep 11 in 30 hours. Watching a lot of flashback in Heroes ep 8 last week made me wanna watch the Season 1 all over again. In the latest Gossip Girl ep 11, I was amused with Dorotha's handphone ringtone, Britney Spears' "I'm A Slave For You". Really suits her as a maid! Haha! Very attentive detail! This is the second time Dorotha really caught my attention. It's Thanksgiving time and everything went back to normal after a lot of mess for the last few episodes.

Trip to Ulu Yam & Kuantan!

Together with Zack, Boy and Zoulz; equipped with two digital cameras and few camera phones; we are ready to take some pictures from the unforgettable back-to-nature trips!

More pictures at my Myspace album and my Facebook album

No More Anjang, Call Me Kai

As stated in the title, it is crystal clear, my alter ego "Anjang" is gone forever, so don't ever call me by that name anymore. Never, ever. I am no longer "Anjang". All of those that call me "Anjang" before can call me either "Kai", "Andi", "Kaizar", "Eden", "Faris", "Deng", "Duke", "Radin" whichever from all of the options they feel comfortable to call me. The reason? Because I'm no longer associated with the alter ego "Anjang" used to represent me before (whatever that may mean), so I'm gonna bury that alter ego once and for all. And hopefully those who read this very important message could convey it to other friends that may know me or want to know me in the future. Thank you.