Enlighten Me!

Dearest bloggers/readers/friends,
I really need help from all of you. I finally decided to pursue Master by next year, but I don't know what options I have, what I should take and where should I go. I've graduated in Communication Degree majoring in Broadcasting with decent result above 3 pointer and very good in extra-curricular activities. I'm open to any suggestion, opinion and comment. Thanks in advance :)


  1. pg upm dulu...tanya
    slalu dorg kasi diskaun (i rs la) kalo ex-student yg apply
    n kalo nk g oversea....check uni tuh nye website
    tp...3 pointer mmg dh boleh apply for oversea (i know glasgow can)

    scholar....jpa la
    but dptkn tpt dulu
    br apply scholar
    that's my dad's advice

  2. wow thats very good advice thanks my lil bro. it opens my eyes for options that i have now.

  3. Abang Khai =)

    I think if you wanna go overseas, better apply mara scholarship since it's easier to get. nowadays it's very hard to get scholarship from jpa.. but better if you apply both. haha. my friend told me, if you can get a place at a university in uk, mara would 80% give you the scholarship. the other 20% depends on how good you are academically, co-curricular & interview compared to other people. (but i dunno why mara likes UK very much, though)

    You can also apply to some US universities! =D

    I agree with achtung. Apply for placement, then, apply for scholarship. That is always the way to go for Master's degree.

    Good luck!

  4. Cliff sokong kalau nak sambung master! Sambunglah selagi kita ada minat!

  5. thanks for the support achtung, nisa and khaliff!